Greenmark Consulting Group to offer free webinars on snow, ice control

Greenmark Consulting Group will offer a two-part webinar series titled “Building and Managing a Better Snow & Ice Control Company.” The firm says it will offer both one-hour sessions at no charge.

The first is scheduled for Sept. 21 and the second will be Sept. 28, with both set to begin at 2 p.m. EDT. You can register here.

grow-grey-logo-newsletterWhile offering snow and ice management services presents landscaping companies with great opportunities to balance their seasonal business, Greenmark Consulting Group says, establishing and managing such operations involves a number of significant challenges.

The first webinar will offer a broad overview of snow market segments and contract types, as well as strategies for identifying what your company does best and how to optimize those strengths in your snow/ice business.

Greenmark Consulting says participants will learn how to generate a strategic plan that differentiates them from their competitors. Session one also will include tips on preparing yourself to agree, counter offer, or say “no” to certain contracts, with the goal of establishing good relationships with clients and potential clients.

The Sept. 28 session, meanwhile, will focus on “Building A Strong Management Mindset for Snow Operations Success.” This webinar will outline critical questions you must ask yourself while building your snow business model.

Session two also will cover best management and operating practices that you can implement to prepare your team for operational excellence and customer satisfaction, according to Greenmark. The firm says it will offer participants “practical, easy-to-apply and replicable methods” necessary to build a seasonal transition plan.

Greenmark Consulting Group is a full-service landscape/snow industry consulting, coaching and advisory firm.

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