Caterpillar’s advice: Boost spring productivity with attachments

Updated Jan 14, 2020

Certain attachments are essential in landscaping applications and with performance capabilities continuously improving, it is helpful to stay on top of the latest advancements when considering your next attachment purchase.

Preparing the ground for spring landscaping

The HM215C, a Caterpillar mulching attachment.The HM215C, a Caterpillar mulching attachment.

From post-winter terrain issues to new home construction, many landscaping companies are tasked with ground preparation jobs in the early months of spring. Fortunately, there are several attachments available today that can make ground clearing and preparation applications easier and much more efficient.

  • Mulchers are designed to shred underbrush, sapling, shrubs and trees. Today’s top tier mulcher attachments are engineered to minimize stalling. They also can improve recovery speed, lowering fuel consumption and completing the task faster.
  • Brush cutters are extremely powerful attachments that can reduce vegetation, brush and trees with up to a 3-inch diameter into manageable material.
  • Landscape rakes are engineered to pulverize, aerate, level and condition soil. These attachments simultaneously collect and remove rock debris – serving as an ideal solution for preparing new home site lawns for seeding and decorative work.
  • Power box rakes are another versatile solution for de-thatching, grading, leveling, raking, removing old lawns and weeds. They also function well for removing debris and preparing seedbeds.
  • Landscape tillers break up, mix and stabilize soils to prepare ideal conditions for healthy yard accent planting and growth.
  • Augers are commonly used for drilling holes and preparing the ground for fence posts. Top tier auger attachments are engineered with ideal speed and torque to extract soil efficiently and prevent stalling in dense ground.

Attachments for material handling and transportation

Whether it’s removing ground debris or transporting materials such as mulch, turf and pavers to various areas on the job site, material handling attachments are essential to getting the job done in an efficient manner:

  • Multi-purpose (4-in-1) buckets can be used for a number of tasks in addition to general bucket work, including dozing, grading, leveling and unloading material.
  • Industrial grapple buckets are designed with heavy-duty tines to hold contents in place, making it easier to transport bulky, non-uniform material. These attachments are a good solution for removing fallen trees and other debris that has accumulated throughout the winter months.
  • Pallet forks are an ideal solution for stable material transportation. Pallet forks with tall backboards can secure loads for improved safety and efficiency.
  • Material handling arms serve as another method of efficiently lifting, carrying and loading a variety of materials and equipment around the job site.

Performance matching your machines and attachments

Without a doubt, you are going to get the greatest productivity out of your machine and attachments when the equipment is performance matched. Today’s top tier compact machines are engineered with several advancements to help operators get the job done efficiently.

Starting with control pattern options, it is essential to purchase a machine that you and/or your operators are most comfortable operating. Whether it’s ISO pattern controls, H-pattern controls or hand and foot controls, it’s good to know that some manufacturers offer more than one control pattern option for their compact machines.

Additionally, quick couplers allow operators to change out attachments quickly, reducing the amount of time it takes to complete tasks requiring the use of a variety of tools. Return-to-dig and work tool positioners allow operators to pre-set the attachment angle and automatically recall that setting when requested. This allows the operator to focus on the task at hand and let the machine position the tool with ease and precision each time.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story, written by Caterpillar product application specialist Jason Hart, appeared on the manufacturer’s blog. To learn more, visit the landscaping section of Cat’s website here.

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