Morbark bringing new Boxer mini-skid steers to Rental Show

The Boxer 600HD, shown here, is slightly smaller than the 700HDX. Photo: Morbark LLCThe Boxer 600HD, shown here, is slightly smaller than the 700HDX.
Photo: Morbark LLC

Morbark LLC says it will be debuting two new models of Boxer mini-skid steers at the Rental Show. Sponsored by the American Rental Association, the 2017 show is scheduled for Feb. 27 through March 1 in Orlando, Florida.

Both models, the 600HD and the 700HDX, are designed to reduce hand labor and the costs of performing key tasks, Morbark says, enabling workers to lift more, move more and dig faster.

Longtime Boxer users will immediately notice the new machines’ color. Boxer mini-skid steers are now painted “Morbark orange” to integrate with the manufacturer’s other product lines.

This Boxer 700HDX enables a worker to be far more productive, Morbark says.This Boxer 700HDX enables a worker to be far more productive, Morbark says.

Morbark says the 600HD and 700HDX feature a redesigned platform with generous hip padding, dual hydrostatic operating system, piloted joystick controls with rocker-activated auxiliaries, rubber-isolated engine and hydraulic components, tightened boom tolerances and increased ground speed.

“Morbark continues to usher in a new era of Boxer equipment with the 600HD and the 700HDX,” said Casey Gross, Morbark’s director of tree care products. “We’ve given them a wealth of new or redesigned features to make it ideal for landscapers, contractors, rental organizations or property owners who want to more easily perform a wide range of tasks.”

The 600HD has a 74-inch hinge pin height and a 617-pound rated operating capacity, with a tip capacity of 1,763 pounds and fixed track width of 34.7 inches.

The 600HD is powered by a 24.8-horsepower diesel engine and produces 11.3 gpm of auxiliary hydraulic flow from the single remote auxiliary lines.

The slightly larger 700HDX features a unique hydraulically expandable undercarriage – from 35 inches to 43.5 inches – allowing the operator to retract the undercarriage for passages as narrow as inches wide, then expand for increased stability while in operation by simply pulling or pushing a control lever.

The low-profile, expandable undercarriage uses 9-inch-wide rubber tracks, which reduces ground pressure and provides less aggressive turning, Morbark says.

The 700HDX features a 24.8-horsepower diesel engine with dual remote auxiliaries producing 11.3 gpm on the motor spool circuit and 8.7 gpm from the cylinder spool circuit.

An easy-to-use pressure relief block releases residual machine pressure to make hydraulic attachment connections quick and easy, Morbark says.

Like all Boxer loaders, the 600HD and the 700HDX use a universal compact utility loader mounting plate and quick-attach system, making the machines compatible with more than 50 available standard attachments.

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