National Nail expands, updates CAMO Edge Deck Screws warranty

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Updated Apr 26, 2017
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It was recently announced that National Nail has expanded, as well as updated, its warranty on CAMO Edge Deck Screws, which are part of its CAMO Edge Fastening system.

The company says that this line is designed to meet today’s market demand for cedar, tropical woods, capped composites and capped PVCs, (square or grooved) which include brands such as Wolf, EverGrain, TimberTech, AZEK, Fiberon and Trex.

According to the new and expanded warranty, it will cover the replacement of deck board products when the replacement of the deck board is directly related to the non-performance of the CAMO Edge Fastening system.

The CAMO system does not replace decking manufacturer’s responsibilities under their warrantees, and the system is not designed for hollow composite or PVC boards or metal framing systems.

“We have always stood behind the unequalled experience and performance of the CAMO Edge Fastener system,” said W. Scott Baker, CEO of National Nail. “By expanding our coverage to now include the deck board, we are simply stating what we are confident of. CAMO Edge fasteners can be used without concern on any decking project it is designed for. CAMO fasteners have been used in all types of composite, wood and PVC applications for years. Our history with warranty claims – or more accurately lack of warranty claims – over the years has reinforced that confidence.”

CAMO offers guides including the Marksman Pro, Marksman Pro-X1, Marksman Pro-NB and no-gap Marksman Edge, which can cost between $20-$50. The company says these can work with virtually any decking material such as PVC, composite and most soft and hard woods.

The company also says it offers variations to accommodate nominal 6-inch boards as well as narrow boards, and it offers a variety of spacing choices, including no-gap options for treated wood decks that can be used with secondary spacers when customers desire a wider gap.

To provide automatic gaping, load the proprietary deck screws into the hand-held guides that position them to be driven into the edge of the deck boards. To ensure depth of drive, special driver bits are included with the screws.

Baker also adds that feedback from contractors has been overwhelmingly positive, and dozens have reported that the CAMO systems have enhanced their deck installations. Baker says that this has made the decks more beautiful and “barefoot friendly” while providing a faster, less expensive and easier installation.

“Installation is smoother and it provides an overall more attractive appearance,” said Billy Lecorchick, founder of Legend’s Home Improvements, LLC in Monroe, New Jersey.  “The fact that CAMO uses an actual screw going into the edge of the board on both sides gives it an advantage over other fasteners because the board is more stable and won’t rock.”

Lecorchick says that the CAMO Edge Fastening system has been essential to his thriving deck business. Lecorchick affirms that there is no learning curve with the system as the CAMO Deck Screws go into the edge of solid or grooved deck boards for fast installation. They also offer automatic 3/16” spacing.

Dom Paragano, president and owner of D.L. Paragano Homes, Inc., selected CAMO Edge Fastening System for construction of two decks at his seaside home in Spring Lake, New Jersey. Trex decking in the color Spiced Rum was used on both the front porch and backyard deck, and the edges were fastened with the CAMO Edge Fastening System using the Marksman Pro. National Nail recently expanded their CAMO Edge Fastening warranty to cover deck boards in addition to the screws.

“Customers are constantly looking for outdoor deck styles that mirror the indoors,” said Paragano, a sixth generation builder. “That is why a fastener-free deck surface has risen to the top of their lists—they want a clean, luxurious indoor flooring look taken to the outdoor deck.”

After purchasing the home from someone who sustained water damage from Superstorm Sandy, it was necessary to knock down and rebuild, according to new shoreline codes. Along with the repairs done on the front porch and back deck, Paragano selected materials that would stand up to seaside weather.

“The edge fastening system is the next generation of deck fastening,” notes Paragano. “Trex or cedar, it works wonderfully for both! CAMO is easy to use; you just set it, load it and drill it. My crews are addicted to edge fastening. It’s fast and easy, and very intuitive. We’re going to keep using it.”

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