Yulio launches SketchUp plugin

Photo: YulioPhoto: Yulio

Yulio Technologies has announced the launch of its new SketchUp plugin, a tool developed to enable SketchUp users the ability to instantly create detailed and immersive virtual reality experiences (VREs) from their designs. These can then be shared with clients or with remote collaborators.

“Yulio’s goal has always been to fully democratize the use of VR within A&D and put the tools to create VR experiences in every designer’s hands,” said Robert Kendal, Yulio’s managing director. “With that in mind when developing our SketchUp plugin, we worked incredibly hard to develop a tool that’s 100% accessible to every user and lets designers transition their work from 2D renders in CAD to VR ready files seamlessly and lightning fast. The plugin does all of the design lifting and returns a URL to the user, so that designers can share VR experiences in minutes.”

The company says that designers having and utilizing the ability to communicate with clients via virtual reality mediums has begun to steadily grow in popularity because they are able to let clients experience a design rather than simply viewing it.

There are a few tools available that are able to create VREs from SketchUp renders, according to Yulio, but the company says that the entry level costs for these plugins can be up to $600 and can top out at closer to $2,000 for enterprise licenses.

For all Yulio users, the Yulio plugin is free to download. The company says it was designed to be fast and provide greater realism than the basic SketchUp render by creating the stereoscopic renders for each eye that gives VR its realism when viewing the designs.

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