Yulio adds “Audio Hotspots” feature to virtual reality experiences

Photo: Yulio TechnologiesPhoto: Yulio Technologies

As virtual reality becomes more feasible and more landscaping companies adopt the technology to help with their sales pitches, Yulio Technologies is adding a new feature it calls “Audio Hotspots” to the mix.

Designed to create an even more immersive experience while using virtual reality (VR), Yuilo is capable of transforming 2D designs from programs like SketchUp, Revit and 3DS Max into 3D stereoscopic renders for VR users.

The new “Audio Hotspots” feature allows designers to add audio files of up to two minutes for specific areas or products placed in the virtual environment. The sound clips are activated by the viewer’s gaze and they can be used to explain design choices, answer frequently asked questions or provide information on specific products in the VR experience.

The sound clips replace blocks of distracting text that would disrupt the experience. Another benefit of the “Audio Hotspots” is it allows for consistent presentations when designers are absent from proposals, making sure the important information is still conveyed.

Designers can also use the sound clips to address previous client concerns or comment on areas that had issues and changes that had to be made. When the client is checking out the aesthetics of a grill or fire pit, it can also trigger audio clips that will highlight the features and benefits of the products.

Yulio’s “Audio Hotspots” don’t have to be used just for talking, but can also provide ambient sounds. If a client is having a hard time picturing the peaceful oasis you have in mind, or is on the fence about adding a water feature, including the sounds they would experience in their finished project while using the VR technology can help the design come to life.

The created VR experiences can be shared through a web link and toured by clients or collaborated on in real time thanks to Yulio’s cloud-based collaboration technology.
To check out a sample VR experience with the “Audio Hotspots” included, click here.

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