Encouraging your customers to help with referrals

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Updated Jun 6, 2019
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After you’ve completed a project for your customer, the first thing you want them to do is spread the word to their friends and family. Many times, though, customers might forget to tell others about their experiences, not because they are displeased with your work but merely because they don’t know the best ways to get the word out.

Giving your customers ideas on sharing your work can not only help your business grow, it could ultimately end up benefitting the customer as well.

Reward customers for referrals

As previously mentioned, some customers may be more inclined to share the work you’ve done for them if there is a little something extra in it for them. For customers who are regulars with your company, consider giving them a gift card at a certain time of the year. While you’re at it, casually and politely ask them to mention your company and their services to their friends and family.

If the idea of a gift card isn’t really something you feel comfortable with, you could also think about giving them either a certain percentage or dollar amount off of their account if somebody they refer hires you for a job or becomes a regular customer.

Put up signs in your customer’s yard

What better way to advertise your work than to have a sign in place that literally points to the work itself? With your customer’s permission, consider placing a company sign in their yard after you’ve completed a project. This will not only get the attention of friends and family of your customer, it will also attract regular traffic passing by the home.

If your customers are hesitant to have the sign in their yard, you could also think about offering them a discount on services in exchange for letting the sign go up.

Don’t skimp on the cards

It may seem like overkill sometimes, but don’t be stingy with handing out those business cards. Even with repeat customers, don’t be afraid to give them another, extra for friends or even enclose a few in their monthly bill. If they have a few extra on hand while out and about, they may be more inclined to hand them out or post them up for you somewhere.

Give focus to your best customers

For the most quality referrals, keep your repeat or long-time lawn care customers in mind. These are the customers who are obviously pleased with your work, and they are the ones who will give honest and positive reviews on your behalf.

Utilize the Internet in all forms

Whether it’s a tweet, an Instagram post, a Facebook rating or a good old fashioned website review, encourage your customers to hit the internet. Technology plays such a huge part in corporations today, and more and more of your customers are getting involved with social media and online endeavors.

If your company is not on social media, now is the time to get on it. Whether it’s utilizing Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, every bit of social media exposure can help spread the word about your business.

If you are already on social media, don’t forget to let your customers know that. Posting a positive experience, photo or review to their personal media pages can help draw attention to your business profiles. Using social media also helps show off the hard work you and your crew have put in by showcasing photos of your completed projects.

Using review sites can also help attract new customers to your business, so try creating a system for requesting reviews from your customers after you’ve completed a job.

Maybe after you’ve finished up at a home, follow up the trip with an email to your customer telling them thank you for the opportunity to work with them, and would they mind filling out this review that will be posted on the company’s website or on social media pages?

Do you typically send out newsletters to your customers? If so, why not include a call to action at the end of each newsletter asking your existing customers to forward the email to anyone they know who might be interested in your services?

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