Product roundup: Blade Buddy eliminates need for two machines on a jobsite

Photo: Blade BuddyPhoto: Blade Buddy

For those who are looking for skid steer capabilities on their excavator but aren’t quite ready to buy a whole new machine like the Caterpillar 304.5E2 XTC, there is the Blade Buddy.

Blade Buddy is a patent pending material handling attachment that can mount to the leveling blade of an excavator, increasing its material handling volume capacity.

The Blade Buddy is similar to a skid steer bucket and can be quickly mounted to 5’ to 6.5’ excavator blades, all without auxiliary hydraulics. Users only have to lift or lower the excavator blade to attach or release the bucket.

Photo: Blade BuddyPhoto: Blade Buddy

The unit is 40 inches deep and can be lifted and displaced with a full load thanks to a center mounted cradle system. Twin position pins allow the operator to switch the bucket from discharge to carry in a matter of seconds. The contents can be scooped, dumped, spread, loaded and more.

Removable load support brackets can be placed on both sides of unit for carrying long materials such as logs.

“We did some of the initial field testing for the Blade Buddy and immediately saw all the benefits this unit had to offer,” said Brent Cadarette, owner of a landscape company. “I was easily able to manage much more material in a single trip without the use of an additional machine. This unit allows us to work faster, cleaner and be more efficient on the job site. Definitely a great investment for my business.”

The Blade Buddy will be available for sale in the U.S. and Canada in the fall of 2017. A 38-inch wide model for micro excavators will be available in January 2018.

For more information check out the video below and click here.

Manitou Americas introduces new tree clipper to line of tree shear attachments

Manitou Americas, Inc. has announced its new Edge Extreme Duty High Reach Tree Clipper as part of its tree shear attachments for compact loaders.

The new attachment is said to be ideal for commercial and rental industries and is more rugged than the heavy duty model. The tree clipper has extra-long upper and lower plates to add strength to the clipper head. Two extra bars on the mount also increase stabilization.

To prevent limbs and trees from wedging between the blades, Manitou included an easy release feature on the clipper head. Maintenance is reduced with self-cleaning side spacers.

The Edge Extreme Duty High Reach Tree Clipper can cut hardwoods up to 9 inches in diameter and has self-centering T-1 tempered steel blades.

The attachment comes with a wireless remote, hoses, couplers, a solenoid valve and a valve guard. The wireless remote includes a transmitter, receiver, battery, charger and steel storage box.


Photo: Manitou AmericasPhoto: Manitou Americas
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