Albach introduces mobile chipper, the Diamant 2000

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The Diamant 2000 loads on one side while the chute on the other side loads the trailer. Photo: AlbachThe Diamant 2000 loads on one side while the chute on the other side loads the trailer.
Photo: Albach

Albach has introduced the Diamant 2000, which the company says boasts travel speeds of 45 mph and can be driven on local and state highways from job to job, even when those jobs are hundreds of miles apart.

The company says the Diamant 2000’s full-time four-wheel drive allows it to navigate rough terrain at the tree stand, and the operator, upon arrival, can push one button to convert it from transportation mode to chipping mode automatically in 20 seconds.

The product also allows for tight control on the chip sizing, Albach says, from microchips to 2.5 inches, which makes the chips easier to use for multiple applications.

“The combination is just deadly,” says Dan Mayer, owner of Mayer Tree Service in Massachusetts. “Whatever my Sennebogen 718 material handler knocks down, the Albach can come right behind and process in a fraction of the time. If it’s a big job, we let the Sennebogen go off a day or two in advance, and then have the Albach follow up behind.”

The Diamant 2000 is crane-equipped and the company says it’s customizable overall to meet arborist’s geographical and application needs, and it can produce up to 500 cubic yards of chips per hour.

After reaching the worksite, the Diamant 2000’s computerized cabin is transformed from a highway-mode transport pod into an elevated work station, which the company says provides the operator with an eye-level view of timber handling, chip production and delivery.

With the use of the ergonomic swivel chair, the operator can access operating consoles located on both the left and right sides of the cab. This, the company says, allows the operator to maximize the machine’s processing capabilities regardless of a particular job site’s physical challenges or restrictions.

The in-cab software was developed in house by Albach and allows touchscreen machine operation and critical data access via the colored terminal. Joystick configurations and software settings can be personalized.

Designed with a 2.4-ton rotor, the company says the Diamant 2000 consumes large trees effortlessly.

“The Sennebogen will cut down the trees and put them in a pile,” says Mayer, “And the Albach will pick up a big batch of that pile and chip it all at once. Once the timber gets on the ground, once make it horizontal, the Albach will take it from there…no matter the size.”

Mechanically driven and equipped with six blades, the unit’s extended-angle chute can be swiveled up to 270 degrees and adjusted up and down by up to 10 feet. The company says this allows chips to be loaded directly into trucks parked in almost any position nearby.

Brief Technical Specifications:

Engine: Volvo

Transmission: 2 speed

Max Speed: 45 mph (72 kph)

Turning Radius: 27.9ft (8.5 m)

Max Output: 500 cu yds (380 m3)

Crane Max Reach: 33.14ft (10.1 m)

Max Lift on Max Reach: 2,000 lbs (1 t)

Length: 33.9ft (10.24 m)

Width: 8.37ft (2.55 m)

Operator Viewing Height: 15.6ft (4.8 m)

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