Brooklyn Children’s Museum unveils rooftop garden

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The Brooklyn Children’s Museum in Crown Heights, New York, unveiled its newest project, which provides an interactive and immersive learning experience for children of all ages.

A rooftop oasis, designed by Future Green Studio, now adorns the top of the facility and features trails, a forested area, a canopy and interactive exhibits that can be found all in the heart of the city.

The rooftop project was created in response to the museum’s diverse programing needs, and it incorporates movable features that provide fixed elements to serve as multi-purpose anchors for various events and allows flexibility.

“Nature has a calming effect on people,” Stephanie Wilchfort, museum president, told News 12 Brooklyn. “It keeps them balanced and sane in a city that is so bustling and moving in other ways.”

Divided into four themed quadrants – woodland, lounge, play and dining – this 20,000-square foot terrace provides children with the chance to connect with the natural world. The quadrants are The Native Woodland, a natural learning and exploration environment; The Green, a space for free play; an outdoor dining area with picnic tables; and The Lounge, a place that features flexible outdoor furnishing for both children and adults.

The museum hopes that by offering children this kind of experience, children will be exposed to education on interactive ways. Children are able to safely play outside after exploring the many exhibits the museum has to offer.

While the exhibit was made with children in mind, Wilchfort knows that an environment like this is equally as important to adults.

“We sometimes forget that parents need those amazing moments in nature, those amazing moments of relaxation,” she told News 12 Brooklyn. “This is a really great way for families to connect with each other in a space that’s a little quieter and a little greener than they experience inside the museum.”

The museum hopes to expand the outdoor space over the next five years.

Photo: Trend HunterPhoto: Trend Hunter
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