Lighting roundup: aspectLED expands LED lighting category

Updated Aug 16, 2017
Photo: aspectLEDPhoto: aspectLED

Lighting manufacturer aspectLED has announced it has created a new landscape LED lighting category in response to demand.

Based off the company’s Modern Series landscape lights, the Black Series landscape lights are offered at a lower wattage and cost. Developed in order to respond to the demand for an outdoor landscape and in-ground LED lighting category, the Black Series boasts a 50,000-hour life span, requiring no maintenance for decades.

The landscape lights have a safe low voltage of 24VDC for easier wiring, and according to the company can use up to 80 percent less power than equivalent incandescent fixtures. Constructed to withstand high shock, vibration and moisture ingress, the lights are available in multiple single colors or a color changing option.

“Listening to our customers has always been critical to our business,” said Mike Crissinger, director of marketing for aspectLED. “When looking at our outdoor lines, between in-ground/well lights, stake/surface mount landscape lights and underwater pool lighting, mid-range 6 to 18 watt models seem to be customer favorites. It only makes sense to expand our offering in that segment.”

aspectLED has a wide selection of outdoor lighting including in-ground well fixtures, pathway/driveway lights, underwater recessed, tripod, fountain and stake and surface mount landscape lights. For more information on their lighting lines, click here.

WAC Lighting offers new LED path light

Expanding its selection of landscape lighting, WAC Lighting is now offering LED path lights, which are available in Ledge and Balance styles.

Balance LED Path Light Photo: WAC LightsBalance LED Path Light
Photo: WAC Lights

These lights are designed to outline existing exterior features such as paths, driveways and ponds creating soft, even illumination. The fixtures are slim and linear. The Balance style is tall, slender and provides a wide spread of illumination. The Ledge style is shorter, wider and provides more direct lighting. The angular, nondescript design allows it to blend into the surrounding landscape.

Both fixtures are built from corrosion-resistant aluminum. They are IP66 rated and factory sealed to resist any water penetration, including high-pressure water jets. The LED path light fixtures come in either black or bronze features.

The customer can choose between warm white with a color temperature of 2,700K and pure white with a color temperature of 3,000K. The light has a constant output for 9V-15V input.

For more information on WAC Lighting’s products, click here.

VOLT Lighting announces improved Pro Junction Hub

VOLT Lighting has introduced over 200 new products in the past two years, and one them was the Pro Junction Hub, and now the company has an upgraded version.
As a hub-type connector, the Pro Junction Hub allows the installer to connect up to seven fixtures and the main line from the transformer. By using a hub, the installer can ensure the lights all receive similar voltage and they provide a voltage testing point before and after installation.

Photo: VOLT LightingPhoto: VOLT Lighting

“VOLT was the first company to use clamp-type connectors in hub junctions,” said Michael Caselnova, Jr., director of product development and marketing for VOLT. “Clamps are much easier and faster than typical twist-type hubs or hubs that use set screws.”

The introduction of the Pro Junction Hub was welcomed by lighting professionals, and VOLT Lighting encouraged reviews and feedback from the customers. The response for the clamp was positive but they wanted them to be more accessible in the hub and easier to open and close.

“Within a few weeks of introducing the first Pro Junction Hub, we were in our Innovation Lab re-designing the hub and testing new prototypes,” Caselnova said. “A few months later we went into production and launched the improved Pro Junction Hub. A new, upgraded clamp is used that is much easier to open and close, and the clamps are attached to the underside of the hub cap – more accessible and secure.”

For more information on the Pro Junction Hub, click here.

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