Ditch Witch releases AT40 horizontal directional drill

Photo: Ditch WitchPhoto: Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch has released the new AT40 All Terrain horizontal directional drill (HDD), which features an advanced, two-pipe All Terrain driving system that the company says provides 33 percent more torque than competitive units.

Ditch Witch says the AT40 includes multiple patent-pending designs that improve downhole operation, and the company says an inner-rod design provides a flush system that improves tool-joint durability and steering in hard rock conditions.

The company also says that a reliable All Terrain connection reduces the risk of collar damage, and further improves steering and optimizes fluid flow.

“Maximized drilling performance and more efficient control while steering make the AT40 All Terrain an industry-leading, reliable and powerful machine,” said Seth Matthesen, Ditch Witch senior product manager, horizontal directional drills. “The unit not only boosts productivity and power but leverages next-generation features to provide valuable operational insights and keep operators productive, profitable and comfortable on each job.”

The company adds that the All Terrain system also features an enhanced reliable RockMaster housing for improved longevity and reduced maintenance.

Ditch Witch says the modular design makes the housing adaptable to two different sizes of drill bit, which the company says allows a 2.875 and 3.5 regular api connection.

Featuring a patented floating-spindle design, the company says this feature makes it easier and more cost effective to replace. Ditch Witch says the housing also features an industry-exclusive, double-layer seal with high-capacity bearings for increased downhole life, minimal maintenance and superior reliability.

The design feature also increases service time intervals, according to Ditch Witch, and the time intervals are doubled compared to previous models.

Available with durable pipe options, the AT40 All Terrain directional drill includes the patent-pending All Terrain Flush, Power Pipe HD Fluid Miser II, Power Pipe HD Unlined and Forged HIWS1 pipes.

Ditch Witch says the All Terrain drill leverages the same next-generation features of the standard JT40 model, and a 160-gross-hp, Tier 4 Cummins diesel engine offers 40,000 pounds of thrust and pullback, according to the company.

The company adds that drilling efficiency has been improved by providing a two-speed, rotational drive system that produces 5,500 ft.lb. of torque. Equipped with a 70-gpm, 1,100-psi mud pump, the company says the fluid flow from the pump to the swivel is also increased.

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