Company newsletters: Are they really worth it?

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Updated Jan 14, 2022

newsletter image on tabletHaving an online presence for your business nowadays can prove to be a great asset, and adding a newsletter into the mix can help boost your company more than you might realize.

Sending out frequent company newsletters can benefit your business in more ways than one, as they end up helping on the editorial, business and customer relations sides of a company.

For more information on what, when, why and how to send newsletters, check out the tips we’ve compiled below.

Connect with customers

First and foremost, newsletters help you connect with your clients. They give you the opportunity to deliver relevant content to your customers, and it helps you as a business owner learn what customers like and want to read about.

Customers want to connect with brands and businesses they like, and utilizing the platform of a newsletter is an easy way to get in contact with clients and stay connected with the ease of sending out an email.

Customers are busy, too. Your products, events and services are not the only thing your customers are thinking about, so a subtle email reminder is an excellent way to keep your company at the top of their minds.

Newsletters help drive sales

Along with engaging customers, newsletters also help drive sales, boost social media pages and increase website traffic.

In past studies, it was reported that 44 percent of email recipients made at least one purchase based on a promotional email, according to Jay Baer at Convince & Convert.

Customers can sometimes be impulsive, so giving them a promotional code, incentive or coupon link on a newsletter can sometimes yield pretty large results in sales.

Newsletters are also a great place to put social media icon links. Some customers may be unaware of your other media platforms until they see them listed on your website or in a newsletter. Having these extra clicks can add up in engagement and traffic, and it can also help give you a more accurate idea of what content customers interact the most with.

For newsletters that feature articles, this is an opportunity to see what topics your customers are the most interested in reading. Just like with social media, you’ll be able to track engagement on the articles and track prospects.

By providing your readers/customers with relevant and trustworthy content, you help build that good relationship and connection mentioned earlier.

When to send and how to get subscribers

While it is important to keep customers informed, it’s also important to keep in mind that no one wants their inbox bombarded. No matter how important or relevant you think your information is to the customer, it can still quickly turn them off to receive newsletters multiple times a week.

Many companies do a weekly or month newsletter, while others have had success with quarterly. It really depends on your customer interaction and reaction, your content and your area to determine how often you should send one out.

This can really be a trial and error kind of process in the beginning, but don’t be afraid to test the waters and see what works best for you and your customers. Also consider taking feedback from customers on how often they would like to see a newsletter from you. This will let them know their input is valued and you will have a better idea of which customers will be reading the newsletter.

Gaining and keeping subscribers is the most important aspect of using a newsletter, but how do you get them in the first place?

A good place to start is on your company website. Adding a place on the main page of your website for customers to subscribe to your newsletter is one of the best ways to start to gain followers. Also asking people to sign up while at your physical location can be helpful. Sometimes offering special promotions or deals to those who sign up for newsletters yields good results, and it also encourages them to stay involved with your company in the future.

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