Market reports predict serious growth in landscaping equipment market share

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Several market reports have been made about the green industry and the demand for certain types of equipment increasing.

According to Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, the robotic lawn mower market is projected to grow from $861.6 million from 2016 to $2,225.9 million by 2022.

This compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will grow by 17.14 percent over the predicted time period. As the introduction of battery-powered robotic lawn mowers increases, the adoption rate of these devices will be boosted.

The market research firm says there are three main drivers and trends that are causing the robotic mower market to grow.

As the professional landscaping industry grows, so will the demand for robotic lawn mowers as more consumers see the aesthetic appeal of commercial or residential lawns. The recovery of the commercial construction sector and the residential housing market will also have a beneficial impact on the robotic mower market.

According to Arizton, the expansion of planting areas and building of new landscape areas in the U.S. and U.K. will drive the demand for better and safer landscaping equipment.

With urbanization continuing, green spaces and green roofs will continue in popularity as the need for sustainable environments is promoted.

“Different government organizations and non-profit agencies around the world are undertaking initiatives to promote and build green spaces and green roofs to reduce the effect of environmental pollution through horticultural and landscape projects,” Arizton said.

The final trend that will help grow the robotic mower market is the spread of automated home systems that provide homeowners a centralized control over individual systems such as small appliances, electronics and building components.

“The enhanced connectedness and the ability to converge robotic technology in smart homes will drive the growth of the global robotic lawn mower market over the next few years,” Arizton said.

Robomow, Global Garden Products and Husqvarna are a few of the current leading vendors in the robotic lawn mower market. For the complete market research report, click here.

As for power lawn and garden equipment, The Freedonia Group forecasts the global demand to increase by 2.5 percent per year to 24.2 billion in 2021. The demand will mainly be concentrated in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe, which will account for 75 percent of the increase in sales between 2016 and 2021.

The Cleveland-based industry research firm also credits the recovering construction sector for increased sales of lawn equipment, but says there is an expected decline in the number of golf courses in the country.

The report also says the demand for battery-powered equipment will rise at an above-average pace as the improving technology will make the products more competitive with power, run time and cost, allowing it to penetrate commercial markets.

The Freedonia Group reports that Chinese producers of power lawn and garden equipment will increase their share of global output in 2021, but the established producers in North America and Western Europe will remain leaders in supply of riding mowers and other high-end products.

For the full market report on power lawn and garden equipment, click here.

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