Three ways to elevate the landscaping profession by elevating your business

Updated Aug 6, 2020

Path going up a mountainAre you familiar with the butterfly effect? This theory proposes that small changes at a point of origin can have large effects throughout a larger system or population. In other words, making what may seem like an insignificant change in one place can have significant and powerful results elsewhere.

If this theory holds true, it would explain why businesses that are purposeful and intentional about differentiating themselves from other similar businesses in an industry can change the perception of the industry as a whole.guest-post-attribution-box

You and your team are too skilled at your crafts to pay your customers for the privilege of practicing your art. Yet, this is what businesses do when they offer bargain-basement prices, steep discounts and excessive incentives just to get noticed by potential buyers.

So how do you prevent your business’s unique voice from becoming lost in all the noise and raise the bar for other businesses in the green industry? You take the high road. Here are three high-impact ways to elevate the landscaping profession by first elevating your organization.


An anonymous quote says, “Acting smart and being smart are two entirely different ballgames.”

Many businesses are skilled at putting on a show for customers – acting smart about the products and services they offer – but it is the substance behind the show that truly matters. If you want to be among the best in the industry, be intentional about continually expanding your knowledge base. Then, show restraint.

It may seem counterintuitive, but refraining from sharing everything you know about your offerings, market trends, buying habits and what your competitors are doing keeps you in control of every customer interaction. It also positions you as an industry expert invested in providing the best solutions for your customers’ needs versus a know-it-all simply out to make the sale.


Standards are used throughout industries worldwide to set quality levels, make comparisons and establish norms. Businesses that adopt standards show they are serious about ensuring their employees’ safety and well-being and providing customers with exceptional service.

Although standards benefit both the business and the consumer, they are often underutilized in the green industry. Developing and adhering to a set of carefully-defined standards in the four key areas of business management, operations, sales and marketing and human resources helps your business to consistently perform well above the baseline set by the status quo providers and sets a confident, professional tone that resonates industrywide.


If your sales and marketing toolbox isn’t regularly filled to the brim with ways to educate prospective and existing customers, you could be missing out on rich opportunities to sell the unique value of your business and its offerings.

Social media posts, blog entries and email campaigns are easy, universal ways to provide education on products, services, all-inclusive solutions and industry-relevant information. These avenues allow you to get your proverbial foot in the door with prospects and reaffirm your and your teams’ roles as industry experts dedicated to improving the lives and experiences of the customers you serve.

Seemingly small ripples within every facet of your organization can translate to big waves throughout the green industry. As customers, competitors and stakeholders become familiar with your brand and your business via the knowledge you possess and share, the standards you set and maintain and the education you provide, their respect for and confidence in your organization, your team and the solutions you provide will grow.

It’s never too early to begin to raise the bar higher, and it’s never too late to become the type of business others in the industry strive to be.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mark Borrasso is a success coach with LandOpt. As a success coach, Mark works closely with the success coaching team to deliver products and services to the LandOpt network of contractors. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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