Landscape design ideas to help clients’ outdoor spaces work for them

Updated Nov 19, 2023
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Outdoor spaces provide a place for customers to connect with nature, relax and unwind or enjoy time with family and friends. It is important to design outdoor spaces to meet the needs that are most important to your clients.

If they are thinking of redesigning their outdoor getaway consider seeing if they are interested in including one of these popular, yet functional, landscape design ideas.

1. Vertical gardensguest-post-attribution-box

If your clients have limited ground square footage to work with, the solution may be a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are a terrific way to incorporate plants into a small space by going up instead of spreading out.

This makes them perfect for small yards and patios.

In addition to adding foliage to an area, vertical gardens can be used to create additional privacy. Your crews can design intricate systems or kits can be purchased and self-assembled.

2. Pet-friendly landscaping

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One of the more contemporary trends in landscape design includes features that not only look good but also keep your customer’s four-legged friends in mind. Building a curvy stone pathway looks sleek and unique while also providing the canines with something to explore and their own route to patrol.

Incorporating a water feature that can also supply fresh running water for your client’s dog to drink and play in is a great way to make their landscape design work for them. Planting a garden of herbs and vegetables that can be fed to pets is a visually appealing and functional use of space.

3. Succulent gardens

Succulent plants are typically overlooked and underrated when it comes to gardens. With a wide array of sizes and colors to choose from, they can be used to create a completely unique landscape.

If your customer wants to add the visual beauty of a garden but doesn’t have a green thumb, this is a lower maintenance approach. Most succulents are ideal for drier areas because they typically require less water and less tending. The variety of sizes makes succulents perfect for growing in pots. The pots can be moved to easily create assorted designs or to relocate based on the season.

4. Outdoor dining

When the weather is inviting, one of the best ways to enjoy an outdoor space is by dining or entertaining. Spaces of all sizes can be designed to create a comfortable area that works for your client. The addition of candles or soft glow string lights can create the perfect ambiance for a dinner party.

Including an attractive patio cover can keep the sun at bay during Sunday brunch. If space doesn’t allow for a permanent shade structure, collapsible umbrellas are a great alternative. Pair with a well-designed exterior wood decking and it can certainly make evenings more special.

5. Meditation garden

If tranquility and relaxation are what the clientele seeks, a custom-designed meditation garden may be the best use of your outdoor space. A flat area that is big enough to accommodate a yoga mat or bench for meditation is the focus.

The area should be surrounded by panels or large plants to create a personal level of privacy. Including a water feature or meditative art piece can create a point of focus for self-reflection. You could also add some vines to add some layers to the garden by having a decorative trellis like the one similar to hop trellises.

Care must be taken to include plants that are conducive to a calming environment. Shrubs and ground cover that produce a pleasant scent such as rosemary, lavender, or thyme are a great option. To help clients get the most use of their meditation garden, include soft lighting or candle lanterns for evenings.

Your customer’s outdoor space has the potential to be their favorite part of the home by incorporating the elements that they find most appealing and useful. By being aware of the latest landscape architectural trends, you have options and inspiration to offer your clients.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written by Matt Lee. Lee is the co-founder of Lead Generation Experts. Founded in 2012, Lead Generation Experts helps building materials manufacturers improve their digital marketing strategy. 

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