Product roundup: John Deere makes engine technology updates, model adjustments

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Photo: John DeerePhoto: John Deere

John Deere says the 310L EP backhoe and 210L EP tractor loader are the latest construction equipment models to undergo updates, with a focus on engine technology and other model adjustments.

“Our goal is to continue to support the ‘EP strategy’ and to offer an effective backhoe solution under the 56-kW power level, which allows for greater flexibility to meet emission regulations,” says Brian Hennings, product marketing manager, backhoes and tractor loaders, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “This solution offers rental customers simpler technology, reduced maintenance requirements, greater reliability and a lower acquisition price.”

The company says the 310L EP and 210L EP feature a Yanmar 3.3L interim Tier 4 diesel engine. John Deere says at 69-horsepower (51-kW), it complies with EPA FT4 emission regulations without aftertreatment. The company adds that a new variable displacement hydraulic pump delivers increased flow and enhanced power management, and as the engine load increases, the company says the pump modulates flow in order to balance the power split between the transmission and hydraulics.

The company says both the John Deere 210L EP and 210L received a loader performance boost, and loader lift times are 26 percent faster due to increased hydraulic pump flow and larger diameter hoses and tubes. John Deere says the loader lift capacity increased 18 percent from 5,342 lbs. to 6,340 lbs.

Ditch Witch launches new directional drill

Ditch Witch recently released a new JT20XP horizontal directional drill (HDD) package featuring a JT20XP drill and XP44 mixing system. The company says this is the only drilling system in its class to utilize all on-board horsepower for thrust and rotation.

“We designed the JT20XP package to complement the unique needs of HDD contractors in the mid-sized utility-installation space,” says Seth Matthesen, Ditch Witch HDD category manager. “The JT20XP drill provides improved spindle torque and speed over its predecessor while delivering 56 percent more mud flow than competitive units. It’s matched by the XP44’s superior mixing capabilities to offer a more productive solution for larger jobs while retaining a small, compact footprint.”

Photo: Ditch WitchPhoto: Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch says the full XP package features an innovative, compact design making it easy to maneuver and transport between urban jobsites. The company says it also offers contractors an all-diesel jobsite for more convenient operations and simple fuel service.

Powered by a 74.5-hp Tier 4 Deutz diesel engine, Ditch Witch says the JT20XP HDD maximizes available horsepower for thrust and rotation. The company adds that the drill delivers 14 percent increased spindle torque over its predecessor and offers 10 percent increased spindle speed than competitive units.

Ditch Witch says with no grease zerks, the JT20XP is easy to maintain for increased uptime, and the environmentally-friendly Tier 4 engine requires no DEF.

The company says the JT20XP is equipped with a newly designed operator’s station featuring ergonomic, adjustable seats to keep the operator comfortable for long hours on the job.

The company adds that an advanced color LCD display provides engine diagnostics and informational messages, including electronic strike indicators (ESID).

Equipped with a dedicated 44-hp Tier 4 Yanmar diesel engine, Ditch Witch says the XP44 mixing system has superior mixing capabilities and drilling fluid delivery. 

Rayco introduces new stump cutter models

Rayco Manufacturing recently announced the debut of two stump cutter models, the RG55 and RG50, as well as the new TGR stump cutter trailer.

Photo: Rayco ManufacturingPhoto: Rayco Manufacturing

An update to the RG45 stump cutter, the company says the RG55 features a 53.4 horsepower Kubota gasoline engine, and it also provides increased travel speeds and complies with California Air Resources Board (CARB) and EPA regulations in all 50 states.

“The RG55 stump cutter puts together all the same great features customers loved about the RG45 in a compact, lightweight stump cutter,” says Casey Gross, Morbark director of tree care products.

Rayco says operators appreciate the large cutting dimensions, as well as visibility and protection of the swing-out control station. The control station also swings in line, and Rayco says the wide flotation tires and 4-wheel drive allow the RG55 to maintain traction in challenging conditions. The company adds that a wide hydraulic backfill blade also saves time during clean up.

The company says the RG80 stump cutter boasts an 85 horsepower Ford engine and a hydrostatic cutter wheel drive that allows the operator to vary cutter wheel rpm independent of engine speed.

Rayco says the RG80 has a high power to weight ratio, low ground pressure and a low center of gravity for increased stability, and the company says the propel system features high and low travel speeds, plus an integrated “creep mode” for precise handling while cutting.

Another key feature of the RG80, according to Rayco, is the Magnetek wireless remote control that’s sealed against dust, water and other elements and made to withstand shocks.

“The RG80 packs a lot of power and pairs it with precision controls for the operator,” Gross says.

Both stump cutter models are available with the Rayco TRG trailer, which the company says features a heavier axle and wider platform, as well as a TorFlex suspension and electric brakes. The stump cutter is held to the trailer with secure pins.

“All of these new products highlight Morbark’s and Rayco’s commitment to our customers,” Gross says. “We’re continuously innovating and focused on providing the best performance and production for our customers.”

Caterpillar offers new options for select compact wheel loaders

Caterpillar now offers the 918M compact wheel loader with four new options: high-lift loader linkage, Cat Fusion coupler, five-piece guarding package and wider tires.

Cat says the high-lift loader linkage option is specifically designed for applications in waste and recycling, construction and agriculture that can benefit from increased lift height and increased reach of the loader linkage.

The company says the newly designed loader arm assembly can provide up to 10 percent more lift height and reach compared with the standard loader linkage equipped with a similar work tool interface whether pin-on, IT (Integrated Tool Carrier) coupler or ISO coupler.

Photo: CaterpillarPhoto: Caterpillar

Cat adds that a 918M configured with both a high lift linkage and 20.5 tires will have a bucket pin height over 13 feet, 5 inches.

With the addition of the Cat designed Fusion Coupler System to the 918M’s options list, the company says buyers now have the choice of three couplers. The Fusion coupler, Cat says, uses an advanced constant pressure wedging mechanism to create a tight, rattle-free fit with work tools.

Cat says the Fusion coupler is designed to apply constant hydraulic pressure to wedges that continually pull the work tool tight to the coupler in two directions, in and down, providing secure tool control and increased productivity.

Cat says the three new 20.5R25 tires for the 918M offer a number of benefits, including up to 20 percent more tire life and increases in traction, tipping capacity and stability.

The company says the three tire options include the general-application Goodyear E/L-2A “Sure Grip Loader,” a 12-ply-rated bias tire with directional and self-cleaning tread; the Michelin “Xsnoplus,” specially designed for operation on snow and ice; and the Michelin XHA2 radial, a wide-lug tire with non-directional tread, heavy shoulders and protected sidewalls.

Cat notes that the width over tires is approximately 91 inches for the larger 20.5R25 tires.

The new guarding options, which Cat says can be used with currently available steel-front fender deflectors, provides protection for vulnerable areas:

  • Headlight guards surround the front light assemblies and protect from debris falling from the bucket
  • Hitch guards protect the 918M’s articulation point by providing barriers on both sides of the hitch to prevent material from collecting in the frames while allowing ready access to service points
  • Powertrain guard mounts beneath the transmission and related components; provides an access panel to facilitate oil changes
  • Drive shaft guard mounts beneath the front driveshaft for protection from debris and obstacles
  • Crankcase guard mounts beneath the engine to protect the oil pan

Cat says the M Series 906M, 907M and 908M ag handlers are specifically designed to efficiently handle a wide range of tasks in agricultural applications.

The company says they feature a Cat C3.3B DIT engine with a net power rating of 68 horsepower, high-speed hydrostatic transmission, Cat optimized Z-bar loader linkage, multi-pump design for hydraulic functions, standard auxiliary hydraulics, premium cab with air conditioning, application-specific tires and adjustable response rates for powertrain and hydraulic systems.

Cat says the ag handlers’ engine meets EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IIIB emission standards, and an operator-selected eco-mode is designed to provide an optimum mix of power and fuel efficiency.

The company adds that an engine pre-cleaner protects the engine when operating in dusty environments, and the hydraulically driven demand fan ensures optimum engine cooling and quiet operation.

Further enhancing the ag handlers’ controllability, according to Cat, are its wheel-torque-control system and “creep” system, the latter allowing the operator to combine low ground speed with high engine speed.

Photo: CaterpillarPhoto: Caterpillar

Cat says the hydraulic system operates at a relief pressure of 3,400 psi (235 bar) and provides a standard flow of 22 gpm, and the high-flow system delivers 34 gpm (130 L/min) to efficiently power hydro-mechanical work tools, such as silage defacers, bale grabs and grapple buckets.

The machines also feature an optimized Z-bar loader-linkage system, which Cat says combines high breakout forces with parallel lift throughout the working cycle, allowing for both aggressive digging and for confident handling of loads with forks.

The Cat 903D compact wheel loader also features a 25 percent increase in both lifting capacity and travel speed. With new optional features, such as creep control, throttle lock and work tool electrical harness, Cat says the 903D has the ability to run any number of tools.

Available with either an open or enclosed cab, Cat says the 903D operator’s station features a refined ergonomic design with a new multi-function joystick that provides fingertip control of the standard third-function hydraulic system.

The company says the choice of standard-lift or high-lift boom arms increase the 903D’s ability to work efficiently in a wide range of applications, with buckets ranging in capacity from 0.8 to 1.3 yd3, forks or a selection of powered and non-powered work tools.

Cat says the 903D also features a standard auxiliary (third-function) hydraulic system that delivers a flow of up to 14 gpm (52 L/min.) at pressures to 3,481 psi.

The company says the 903D is equipped with a standard universal coupler, with an optional electrically activated coupler available for switching attachments from the cab.

Cat says the new optional features allow ground speed (creep control) and engine speed (throttle lock) to be independently controlled, delivering optimum hydraulic power to work tools, while machine travel speed is automatically limited to ensure optimum tool performance. Additionally, Cat says an optional work-tool electrical harness allows the use of attachments that have electrically operated functions.

The company says the 903D’s fully opening rear hood allows ready access to the engine compartment, which features side-by-side coolers and transparent fuel/water separator. Options include an engine air pre-cleaner and radiator screen for use in high debris applications.

K-Rain announces release of Pro-LC irrigation controller

K-Rain Manufacturing recently announced the newest addition to their line of controllers.K Rain

“Designed for residential and light commercial applications, the Pro-LC is an affordable, conventional controller with the features and benefits of more costly irrigation controllers,” says Chip Kah, K-Rain president.

Features include:

  • Full program display shows watering days, number of start days, number of stations and any special programming
  • Permanent memory saves program settings during power outages
  • Valve locate feature aids in locating buried valves
  • Short circuit protection identifies and isolates stations while remaining program continues
  • Rain/freeze sensor compatibility

Earthquake to showcase power earth augers at GIE+EXPO

At this year’s GIE+EXPO, Earthquake (booth 4030) will showcase the E43 earth auger powerhead combined with a heavy-duty 8-inch auger and Earthquake’s Flex Coil shock absorber.

Photo: EarthquakePhoto: Earthquake

“Earthquake is the largest manufacturer of hand-held earth augers in the world,” says Kirk Hyatt, product line manager, Earthquake, the lawn and garden division of Ardisam, Inc. “The Earthquake power auger package offers terrific value on an earth auger powerhead engineered to be reliable and long-lasting and backed by a 5-year limited warranty combined with an 8-inch auger with a fishtail point.”

Earthquake says the centerpiece of the package is the E43 auger powerhead. The company says the E43’s ball bearing, alloy gear transmission withstands the rigors of drilling into hard ground, and its large, block-style industrial air filter keeps dust and dirt out to protect the engine.

Earthquake says the package price can save individual customers as much as 20 percent off the open stock items purchased separately from the company.

Greenworks Commercial introduces 82V rapid 2-port charger

Greenworks Commercial recently announced a new product, the 82-volt rapid 2-port charger, that they say will increase the efficiency of its 82V commercial line of tools.

The Greenworks GC 420 is a commercial grade charger that the company says powers up landscape pros’ tools in a quick, more energy efficient way. The company says it offers the ability to charge any two of the Greenworks 82V lithium-ion batteries, sequentially.

Photo: Greenworks CommercialPhoto: Greenworks Commercial

“We know that a major concern landscape and turf management professionals have about switching from gas to cordless equipment is managing their inventory of batteries to ensure their ability to maximize the work day,” says Tony Marchese, director of independent retail for Greenworks North America. “With our new GC 420 2-port rapid charger, those pros using our 82-volt products will be able to recharge two batteries overnight without having to switch from one to the other on the charger, ensuring that the crew has fully charged batteries to start the workday.  The sequential, rapid charging ability combined with optimal battery management will reduce downtime on the jobsite.”

Greenworks says the GC 420 is powerful enough to charge two of the company’s largest 6Ah batteries and is efficient enough that it can more expediently charge two of the company’s smallest 2.5Ah batteries in a little more than an hour.

The GC 420 offers the following:

  • Two charging docks, allowing users to charge two batteries sequentially.
  • Rapid charging ability – eliminating downtime on the jobsite.
  • LED indicator light providing users with at-a-glance battery charge status updates.
  • 2-year limited warranty.
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