Billy Goat showcases newest line of stand-on blowers

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Updated Oct 26, 2018
Billy Goat Hurricane Z3 stand-on blower Photo: Billy GoatBilly Goat Hurricane Z3 stand-on blower
Photo: Billy Goat

Billy Goat, part of the Briggs & Stratton Corporation, created a whirlwind at this year’s GIE+EXPO with the introduction of its newest addition to their stand-on blower line.

“I think the theme and the story for Billy Goat (at this year’s GIE+EXPO) is similar to a lot of years,” Pierre Pereira, senior director of sales for Billy Goat, said at the tradeshow. “It’s about new products that bring enhanced commercial productivity and new product innovation that makes the job easier for users.”

Starting in January 2019, the company will roll out the Hurricane X3 and Z3 zero-turn radius stand-on blowers. The company says these blowers are ideal for landscapers, schools, golf courses, parks, estate properties and sport fields.

“These two guys can clear an acre of ground of leaves in 20 minutes on the X3 and 15 on the Z3, respectively,” Pereira said. “It takes productivity to a whole new level.”

Billy Goat says the Hurricane boasts an array of distinctive components that set this machine apart from others on the market. The company says the quad control handle system offers seamless operation of forward/reverse direction, automatic return to neutral, integrated operator presence control and a self-activating parking brake.

Billy Goat adds that the joystick deflector control provides quick and easy adjustment of airflow from left, right and forward directions, which they say eliminates the need to blow in reverse.

With a unique blower housing design, Billy Goat says air is efficiently drawn from both sides of the housing to move more air faster and quieter at up to 165 or more mph.

Combined with the dual deflector air system, the company says the operator is allowed to change the angle of airflow for deeper, more efficient cleaning of leaves and debris. The machine, Billy Goat says, doubles down on performance and productivity so operators can get more done in less time. The company adds that with air shutdown on all three discharges and front and rear built-in tie-downs, all points of machine transport are easy.

Other features include a torsion mounted front axle assembly that the company says negotiates curbs with ease, as well as high flotation turf tires for superior hill handling.

Billy Goat says the max travel speeds of 9 mph for the X3 and 11 mph for the Z3 help complete the job faster, and an easy-fill 10-gallon fuel tank provides long hours of operation. The company notes that an added LED light allows operators to work at night.

The Hurricane X3 is powered by a 627cc and the Z3 a 993cc Vanguard engine. Billy Goat adds that a commercial grade twin hydro-gear 3100 IZT transmission is designed for heavier loads with a standard charge pump for increased performance and external oil filter for easier maintenance.

Billy Goat also showcased the next generation 25-inch Plugr Series PL2501 aerator, which the company says offers up to 42,550 sq. ft. of aeration per hour in a single pass and has an estimated 30-plus percent greater return on investment versus traditional drum units.

“Traditional aeration is a difficult chore; it’s very fatiguing,” Pereira said. “It’s a job that’s traditionally done with a wheel-type aerator, and it has a couple of inherent problems. There’s low holes per square foot, it’s very hard to turn in the ground and the quality of holes is sometimes poor. So, people end up lifting it and it’s very fatiguing.”

Billy Goat PL2501 aerator Photo: Billy GoatBilly Goat PL2501 aerator
Photo: Billy Goat

With a variable aeration density (VAD), Billy Goat says operators can vary hole spacing from 8 to 45 holes per sq. ft., which they say allows versatility of pulling plugs at the density suited for turf conditions. The company adds that at .5 mph, it will produce 45 holes per sq. ft. for patch repair and seed bed prep.

“The result of this type of new technology is that you can steer in the ground, like turning a mower,” Pereira said. “Aerating your yard is now as easy as cutting your yard.”

Billy Goat says the machine’s reciprocating action drives plugs up to two times the depth of drums, and they say it aerates in both wet and dry conditions.

Billy Goat says the unit features self-propelled rear-wheel hydro-drive and front wheel casters for ultimate in-ground turning. Along with EZ lift-n-drop tine engagement/disengagement, the company says the tines gently drag across obstacles in the aeration path with the release of a lever without interrupting aeration.

Hydro-drive controls, the company says, allow feathering the speed with finger-tip access, and Billy Goat says the EX lift rear foot pedal lifts and locks tines for added maneuverability when using the reverse feature or when transporting the unit.

The company adds that the no-tool flip-up hoods offer best in class interior machine and belt access for easy service, and they say that six tines versus up to 42 on a 26” drum unit give a whole new meaning to quick and easy service.

The machine also features a 40-pound capacity water weight tank positioned directly over the tines, which the company says offers better aeration depth and wheel traction in drier conditions. The machine is powered with the choice of either a 163cc Honda or a 203cc Vanguard 200 engine.

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