Product roundup: Vermeer upgrades line with SC70TX stump cutter

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Updated May 1, 2019
Photo: VermeerPhoto: Vermeer

Vermeer says it has enhanced its professional tree care equipment product line with the introduction of the SC70TX stump cutter, which the company says was equipped with a 67-horsepower Cat turbocharged, Tier 4 Final/Stage IIIB diesel engine.

“Vermeer designed the SC70TX stump cutter for challenging residential, commercial, municipal and rental applications,” says Todd Roorda, tree care, rental and landscaping sales manager at Vermeer. “We have made several enhancements upon qualities to create a powerful and efficient machine. We know contractors will be pleased with the power, speed and controls of the SC70TX model.”

The company says the ground speeds of the SC70TX will be noticeable to operators as soon as they take it off the trailer, and it boasts a transport speed of 65 ft/min.

Vermeer says the undercarriage system has 4.3 psi ground-bearing pressure in soft ground, and they say it allows the machine to track quietly and smoothly. The company adds that the model’s rubber tracks have a tread design that helps reduce the risk of turf damage while turning.

The company says it has also incorporated performance and safety features found on its other stump cutters, which they say includes an operator presence system that stops the cutting wheel when an operator disengages contact with the capacitance-sensing control handles and the SmartSweep control system. The company says the SmartSweep monitors the engine power to the cutter wheel while reducing engine stress.

Vermeer adds that an optional remote control that gives the operator visibility and flexibility is also available, and it has an efficient direct drive that maximizes the amount of horsepower to the 23-inch cutter wheel. The company adds that the Vermeer Yellow Jacket cutter system allows for efficient and convenient serviceability.

Target Specialty Products introduces Turf Fuel Nutrifense technology for turf professionals

Target Specialty Products recently introduced Nutrifense technology, a proprietary ingredient that the company says will enhance turf quality and performance.

The company says the Nutrifense technology is included in three of Turf Fuel’s foliar products – Element 6, Photo Fuel, Respo Fuel – in addition to other Turf Fuel G golf materials.Target Specialty Products logo

“Nutrifense is an umbrella technology that includes the latest plant health components available,” says Mark Jull, head of Turf Fuel products’ division at Target Specialty Products. “Today’s Nutrifense is not the same as last year’s, and the formula will improve again next year. This is because we are constantly sourcing and testing new ingredients to bring to the formula.”

The company says Turf Fuel worked with academic and independent researchers throughout North America to validate the benefits of Nutrifense, and the company says the results show reduced turf decline from drought, high heat, disease, poor water quality and even prolonged ice coverage.

“We created Nutrifense several years ago and have been enhancing its capabilities ever since,” says Steve Loveday, Turf Fuel nutritional product development manager. “Currently, Nutrifense consists of plant extracts sourced from five continents, a state-of-the-art plant defense activator, antioxidants and protein precursors.

The company says that Turf Fuel Nutrifense is available exclusively in select Turf Fuel G products.

Ransome Attachments becomes distributor for Grab-N-Drive in U.S.

Ransome Attachments says it’s signed an agreement with UK-based Exac-One Ltd. to become the first distributor of the Grab-N-Drive Post Driver in the United States.

Photo: Ransome AttachmentsPhoto: Ransome Attachments

The company says this connection was forged through the Black Splitter, which both firms distribute in their respective countries. Ransome says it will offer the GD30S initially, although all other Grab-N-Drive models will be available upon request.

Designed by Exac-One and manufactured in the UK, the company says the GD30S allows an operator to handle, place and drive wooden, concrete and metal posts without the assistance of a person on the ground. The company adds that the multifunctional attachment consists of a grab to handle and set posts and a hammer to drive them, and they say the hydraulic GD30S can deliver as many as 1,250 blows per minute (bpm) at up to 502 foot-pounds.

Ransome says the GD30S is designed to allow a single operator to improve productivity while reducing the need for additional manual labor.

“Our goal is to find multifunctional attachments that can improve profitability for our customers by streamlining their operations,” says owner Eric Ransome. “The Grab-N-Drive was an obvious addition to our lineup.”

The company says the Grab-N-Drive can be fitted to excavators from 1 ½ to 14 tons within minutes through the use of an interchangeable mounting bracket, allowing the breaker to be used in a traditional manner for breaking rock and concrete.

The company says it will also be offering a special universal adapter plate to allow the GD30S to be used on skid steer and tractor loaders.

“The enormous response from the United States to our Grab-N-Drive on social media, along with a significant number of direct sales to American customers, convinced me that this market wants, and needs, the Grab-N-Drive,” says Exac-One owner and sales director Andrew Harker. “I’m really excited that we have linked up with Ransome Attachments who will be working as our distributor partner throughout the U.S.”

Husqvarna introduces new series of professional gas-powered hedge trimmers

Husqvarna recently introduced a new line of gas-powered hedge trimmers that the company says provides powerful precision tools for professionals to tackle every type of hedge.

The company says these trimmers offer a unique combination of productivity and durability, and the new series features higher cutting capacity due to a special knife design and gear ratio, efficient air filtration through a two-stage air filter and a well-balanced overall design.Husqvarna

“We are proud to offer an entirely new line of hedge trimmers that was designed with landscaping professionals in mind,” said Christian Johnsson, product manager professional products at Husqvarna North America. “They are lighter and easier to handle than previous models while offering better cutting performance. They are ideal for professionals who are looking for a high-performance hedge trimmer they can rely on.”

The company says this new line consists of both single- and double-sided models and is lighter than previous models, ranging from 11.0 lbs to 11.7 lbs. Husqvarna says the front and rear handles are arranged so that the center of gravity is close to the axis that is crossing the center of the loop handle and rear handle grip.

Husqvarna says this new design provides excellent maneuverability and minimum resistance while handling, and it is equipped with 21.7 cc efficient low-noise engines and gear components that have been developed for longevity under tough conditions.

The company adds that the new series also contains reliable and durable hedge trimmers for professionals who are looking for less engine wear and longer service intervals.

The 522HD60S (MSRP: $529.95) is a double-sided hedge trimmer with a robust design, low vibration levels and a 24-inch cutter knife for trimming jobs. The company says the multi-position handle and low weight (11.0 lbs) provide excellent handling, while the high-capacity, professional knife blades, open blade guard and impressive power output allow for high productivity.

The 522HDR60S (MSRP: $529.95) is a double-sided hedge trimmer with a 24-inch cutter knife and high torque gear for tougher cuts. With a robust design and low vibration level, Husqvarna says it was designed for shaped hedges with thicker materials. The company says the multi-position handle and low weight (11.7 lbs) provide excellent handling, while the high-capacity blades, open blade guard and impressive cutting capacity allow for reliability and high work output.

The 522HS75S (MSRP: $559.95) is a single-sided hedge trimmer with a 30-inch cutter knife for trimming jobs. The company says it is exceptionally well-balanced and was designed to withstand tough, frequent operation. Husqvarna says the comfortable handle with optimized weight distribution and impressively low weight (11.2 lbs) combined with the slim, balanced design and low vibration levels provide excellent handling, while the high-capacity, high-speed professional knife blade and impressive power output allows for excellent cutting performance. It is also equipped with a leaf catcher for less clean-up.

The 522HDR75S (MSRP: $559.95) is a double-sided hedge trimmer with a 30-inch cutter knife and high torque gear for tougher cuts and dense, overgrown hedges. Husqvarna says it offers high productivity and the durability professionals demand, and the multi-position handle and low weight (11.7 lbs) provide excellent handling, while the high-capacity blades, open blade guard and impressive cutting capacity allows for reliability and high work output.

NDS launches stormwater drainage tools mobile app

NDS, Inc., announced the official launch of its mobile app that they say is designed for contractors, civil engineers, landscape architects and DIY homeowners.

The company says the app quickly and simply calculates stormwater runoff and determines requirements for implementing a variety of drainage solutions.

Photo: NDSPhoto: NDS

The company says the app includes NDS’s complete product catalogs for drainage, stormwater management, flow management and irrigation, and it includes an easy-to-use calculator that they say determines runoff in gallons per minute and cubic feet of water per second, as well as required pipe diameter.

The company adds that it also includes a separate calculator for determining the number of dry wells for detaining collected stormwater and the type and size of drainage pipe needed based on area size and surface type, the depth and thickness of gravel backfill and the slope of drainage pipe.

“Our mobile app provides an easy and quick way for determining the amount of water draining from a property and the various ways water can be efficiently stored or managed,” says Sharon Vessels, vice president of marketing and e-commerce for NDS. “The financial cost of a drainage problem can range anywhere from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars to fix a wet basement, a soggy back yard, a compromised house foundation or a washed away landscape – which is why it’s important to spot drainage problems early and fix them correctly. With one click, our app connects you to information about drainage products and provides access to our bilingual technical services team who can answer questions – via phone or email – about diagnosis and installation. We are evolving this tool based on contractor feedback and will push an update to the market by July 2019 that will include more powerful diagnosis and installation tools.”

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