Turn your skid steer into a paving assistant with these 6 attachments


When it comes to paving jobs like sidewalks and driveways, these attachments for compact equipment enable contractors to mix, pour or even mill on those small, tight jobsites.

Haul, mix, pour with cement bowl

Toro with cement bowl attachmentToro’s cement bowl attachment allows operators to haul material, mix cement and pour concrete in a single attachment. The cement bowl can haul and mix up to 200 pounds of dry cement at one time. A specially designed auger flighting inside the cement bowl helps keep the material contained during mixing to minimize spillage. The barrel is made of fabricated, welded steel and fits on all Toro Dingo auger power head attachments. Operators can also pour cement with posts in place.

Reach areas trucks can’t

Virnig concrete bucket on equipmentThe Virnig concrete bucket is designed to carry and pour concrete and other free-flowing materials. It can easily and quickly pour sidewalks, driveways and other areas that are inaccessible to trucks. The inside of the bucket has welded markers that show one-half or three-fourths fill levels. The sides have reinforced corners for strength. The buckets come in two models. The CB500 is 63.5 inches wide and has a maximum capacity of .5 cubic yards, and the CB750 is 82.5 inches wide and has a capacity of .75 cubic yards.

Eliminate chain and sprocket maintenance

SS-590 Skid Steer Mixer by WorksaverWorksaver’s SS-590 Skid Steer Mixer has direct hydraulic drive of the gearbox, an alternative to chain-driven models, eliminating chain and sprocket maintenance. It also features an 11-cubic-foot drum that allows the operator to mix, transport and place 5 cubic feet of concrete. The drum is made of welded steel and has internal paddles for uniform mixing and clean dumping, the company says. It is designed with few moving parts to increase durability. A flow control valve allows easy control of mixer speed.

Stay in the cab while opening the bucket

Cat Mixing BucketCat Mixing Buckets offer a variety of methods to distribute material around the jobsite, including a hydraulically controlled chute door that eliminates the need for the operator to exit the cab to open the bucket. The attachment is made for Cat skid steer loaders, multi-terrain loaders and compact track loaders. Cat says the buckets ensure complete, repeatable mixing and are equipped with chain-driven auger equipment and replaceable paddles. The buckets are designed for sidewalks, driveways, finish work, fence posts, footings and floors of small buildings.

Low-cost planer alternative

Bobcat planer attachmentBobcat touts its planer attachment as a low-cost, easier to maneuver alternative to dedicated planers. The planer attaches to a skid steer to mill and cut concrete and asphalt. It delivers low-angle, high-velocity blows in a controlled pattern to uniformly chip pavement. The operator can set depth, width and slope. The milled material can be immediately recycled to finish asphalt and repair jobs. Bobcat offers four planer models of standard flow and high flow. Models include widths of 14 to 24 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches and 40 inches.

Three-way concrete dispensing

Eterra Mix ’N Go 250Eterra’s Mix ’N Go 250 mixes up to 9 cubic feet of concrete at a time and can dispense it in three ways: with a front dump, a manual side chute opened and closed by a lever, or a hydraulic center chute controlled from the cab. The center chute’s detachable hose enables the operator to work together with another worker to dispense the mix more accurately. Other models include the Mix ’N Go 450 and Mix ’N Go 600, which hold capacities of 16 and 21 cubic feet, respectively. The mixer is compatible with skid steers, compact track loaders and telehandlers.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written by Don McLoud, managing editor of Equipment World, a sister publication. 

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