TruGreen partners with Brownstein Group for repositioning of the brand

Photo: TruGreenPhoto: TruGreen

TruGreen, a nationwide lawn care company based in Memphis, Tennessee, has recently partnered with Brownstein Group (BG) an independent marketing communications agency in Philadelphia.

BG has been selected as the Brand Strategy and Creative Agency of Record for TruGreen after a nationwide search for a strategic partner that would help the lawn care company grow its business through customer service and innovative digital solutions.

“TruGreen recognized several strengths in the BG team,” says Anthony Conversa, senior vice president and Chief Growth Officer, TruGreen. “We were particularly impressed by their eagerness to see marketing research, personalization and data as integral to the definition of our service offerings at a national scale.”

Conversa says that BG demonstrated its ability to meet TruGreen’s needs and help pivot the company to be a more customer-centered lawn care business.

“Brownstein Group will work alongside the TruGreen team as an extension of their business, building upon their trade expertise with our creative talent, strategic approach and research capabilities,” says Marc Brownstein, president and CEO of Brownstein Group. “Bold and strategic thinking is key to navigating today’s constantly shifting retail and service economies. Through this multiyear, national partnership, we’ll address modern business challenges and collaborate with a category leader to reimagine not just its marketing program, but its product suite and customer experience.”

TruGreen currently operates 260 branches and 35 franchises across the United States and Canada and provides lawn care services to more than 2.4 million residential and commercial customers. The company is looking to reposition its brand and personalize its customer experience with digital engagement strategies.

“TruGreen has reached a pivotal point where we are looking to drive and manage growth intelligently while creating service offerings to address new and growing national markets,” Conversa says. “With BG, we want to ask the question: How do we better understand current and future customers’ unique lawn care needs and establish ourselves as the company they trust to address those needs?”

Conversa say the company is currently developing an in-depth understanding of its customers and testing service offering value propositions that are relevant. Once this is achieved, TruGreen says it will create personalized brand experiences and creative campaign messaging that will resonate with both its current and prospective customers.

BG will help TruGreen by providing ongoing leadership on national marketing initiatives with integrated services including advertising, digital and public relations.

“Working with the BG team, we intend to leverage all media by using data to define target markets and re-engage our customers,” Conversa says. “It’s also important that our content messaging is aligned with our vision to position ourselves as a technologically reinvigorated company ready to meet the demands of customers across the country.”

TruGreen also plans to utilize AI to understand the sentiments and needs of its customers in real-time.

“This will be enabled by the knowledge bases TruGreen has created over the years, coupled with our agronomics data and research done by our scientists, to both enhance and personalize our customer experience,” says Ayman Taha, senior vice president and chief information officer of TruGreen. “TruGreen will then provide the right personalized experience, varying from suggesting the right treatment package for their lawns, to serving personalized advice on how we can best care for their shrubs and trees.”

Not only that, AI will also be incorporated into every aspect of TruGreen’s business. According to Taha, it will be able to monitor patterns of field operations, detect abnormalities and suggest corrective actions.

“Combined with innovative IoT (Internet of Things) tools, this will allow our field service associates the ability to elevate the quality of the services they provide to our customers,” Taha says.

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