Equipment roundup: Morbark introduces two new horizontal grinders

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Photo: MorbarkPhoto: Morbark

Morbark, LLC debuted the 2400X and 3000X wood hog horizontal grinders at this year’s CONEXPO/CON-AGG show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The company says both machines can be equipped with tracks, and the 3000X can be built as a fifth-wheel/dual-axle unit or pintle hitch/triaxle.

Ideal for niche markets like municipal solid waste, pallet recycling, sawmills, nurseries and tree care debris, the company says both grinders are perfect for processing yard waste, brush and other mixed woody feedstock into a saleable product. Designed to be modular and available in multiple configurations for various applications, Morbark says these grinders can take businesses to the next level.

Morbark says these newest models in the X Series of next-generation horizontal grinders follow the successful launches of the 3400X in March 2017 and 6400X in May 2018 and maintain the company’s focus on versatility, transportability and operator-friendliness.

“Morbark continues to expand our efforts to better serve the needs of all our customers no matter where they live and work around the world,” says Michael Stanton, Morbark director of industrial products. “The 2400X and 3000X broaden our line of horizontal grinders for all global markets and further extend our reach into key niche markets both domestically and internationally.”

Morbark says one of the most important features of the 2400X and 3000X is their compact size. Their standard width (2400X: 7’6″; 3000X: 8’2″) make them within the legal transport width in any country. The models also share design features like the sloped infeed sides, which the company says improve operator sight lines for more efficient loading of material and easy-to-load grate systems.

The 2400X ranges in horsepower 188 to 203, while the 3000X has engine options from 350 – 577 HP. Morbark says both the 2400X and 3000X also will be available with electric power.

2400X key features

Morbark says the infeed system consists of one 20″ diameter top compression feed roll with internal drive and a 53″ wide x 8’2″ smooth rubber belt or optional steel chain infeed conveyor.

The company says the 2400X has a 9′ long x 52″ wide infeed floor, infeed flares and cleated belly belt and maintenance access doors. The manual folding infeed tray is adjustable to various positions and adds 3′ to the infeed length when open or closes to contain small material.

Morbark says the large design, 22″ x 49.25” downturn hammermill system, plate and pin style, with 22 single-bolt inserts set in a V pattern, improves feeding characteristics, ease of maintenance and durability.

The company adds that routine maintenance and grate changes are easily conducted by a single operator due to the 93-gallon fuel tank, which pivots away from the machine to allow easy access, and the single, side-load grate system.

Morbark says the 36″ wide chevron discharge conveyor belt is available in a single section stationary 9’6″ height conveyor or folding 14’6″ height conveyor and can be equipped with optional magnetic head drum for ferrous metal removal.

The company says an adjustable backside flat idler allows for drive belt tensioning with no need to move the engine.

3000X key features

The company says the variable speed infeed system consists of one 34″ diameter top compression feed roll with internal drive and a 12’4″ long x 57.5″ wide live floor designed to accept both WD120 and slat chain.

Morbakr says the plate and pin style, up-turn hammermill system measures 32″ x 58.5″ and has 18 double-edged replaceable inserts and 18 rakers.

The discharge system consists of a hydraulically driven, horizontal 42″ x 14’2″ aggregate belt conveyor discharging onto a 36″ wide stacking conveyor with hydraulic fold for transport, and Morbark says it can be equipped with optional magnetic head drum for ferrous metal removal.

Like the 2400X, Morbark says the 3000X is designed so that a single operator can change the grates, and the 3000X’s top-load system with four grates includes a hydraulic hinged door for quick and easy access.

The company says both models are equipped with the Morbark Integrated Control System (MICS), which allows the operator to automatically adjust feed rates and monitor pressures and feed wheel position to maximize production and engine efficiency.

The company adds that new smart device apps (IQANrun and IQANsync) allow you to connect to your machine using your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth or allow you to connect your machine directly to Morbark, so personnel will be able to view and edit your machine’s settings and program or send you updated programming.

Kut Kwick introduces SlopeMaster (SM-T4E)

Kut Kwick Corporation compiled over a year’s worth of information and data based on comments and feedback provided by their existing customers and valued prospects, and with this information, they introduced the new SlopeMaster (SM-T4E).

Photo: Kut KwiclPhoto: Kut Kwicl

The company says the SM-T4E, which comes equipped with a 60-inch cutting deck, has all of the significant safety and customary features that a person would expect in a Kut Kwick hillside mower: a true zero-turn-radius operation that transversely cuts slopes up to 40 degrees; tilting operator’s seat; standard rollover protection system (ROPS); tip-up stop to prevent backward rollover; and the ability to mow an 8-hour shift on a single full fuel load.

Kut Kwick has also added some new features to the SM-T4E:

  • Tier 4 Final EPA-approved 25 HP Yanmar Water-cooled turbo diesel engine
  • Komfort Kontrols, which is an adjustable, fully electronic twin joystick control that lessens operator distress and fatigue
  • 12” x 4” semi-pneumatic, puncture-proof front casters

The company says the SM-T4E is available at a unit base price of under $39,000.

Greenworks Commercial’s GT 161 string trimmer wins award

Greenworks Commercial was awarded the “Best Cordless String Trimmer” award from Popular Mechanics magazine for its GT 161 attachment capable string trimmer.

Photo: Greenworks CommercialPhoto: Greenworks Commercial

Touted for its versatility, Greenworks says the GT 161 allows landscape professionals to have one tool that can take on a plethora of jobs with its universal attachment capable base. With an aggressive 16” cutting path, the company says the GT 161 cuts through even the toughest of brush.

“Its explosive power gives it the muscle of a gas-engine machine for mowing down the tall stuff and scything through weeds and saplings,” says Roy Berendsohn, senior home editor of Popular Mechanics. “If your trimming requirements are on the heavy end of the spectrum, then a model like the GT 161 could be ideal.”

Key features and capabilities:

  • Versatility–Designed to tackle a wide array of jobs, Greenworks says the GT161 provides the ability to take on multiple tasks with the simple switch of a base attachment.
  • 82-volts of harnessed power–Powered by Greenworks’ 82V lithium-ion battery, the company says the GT161 delivers gripping power comparable to gas tools without the mess, hassle or pollution.
  • Convenient–Ignited by the touch of a button and equipped with brushless motor technology, Greenworks says the GT 161 is truly built for ease of use.

“For the GT 161 to be recognized by such a well-respected organization really shows that our lithium-ion outdoor powered equipment truly offers real gas-replacement performance,” says Tony Marchese, vice president of sales and operations – Commercial Business Group for Greenworks North America. “We are proud of this award, but of course, the greatest awards we receive are the numerous positive testimonials we get from hardworking men and women in the field every day that speak to the performance benefits and cost savings of going cordless. We look forward to continuing to serve landscape professionals throughout North America and help lead their transition from fossil fuel powered tools by producing products that not only meet but exceed the performance of gas-powered equipment.”

Michelin introduces new skid steer tweel size

Michelin recently introduced the 10N 16.5 X tweel SSL 2 AT, which the company says is designed predominately for off-road applications.

The company says it is constructed with a 31/32-inch tread depth with 10/32-inch of undertread. Michelin says this all-terrain version utilizes an embedded 8-bolt mechanically-interlocked hub to increase durability, and the outer core tread can be retreaded for an effective total cost of ownership.

The tweel SSL 2 is designed with:

  • Improved shear beam construction
  • New spoke formulation
  • Maximum load of 3,700 pounds

The tweel SSL 2 HST in the 10N16.5 size will be available in June. This model, Michelin says, is designed predominantly for hard-surface applications. The HST is designed with 48/32-inch of tread depth to increase wear in high scrub applications.

Photo: MichelinPhoto: Michelin

The company says the tweel portfolio also adds a 10 x 140 mm disc for the two-piece 12N16.5 tweel SSL 2 used with certain truck-mounted forklifts or moffetts.

“The tweel segment is dynamic and we are constantly adding to the portfolio to meet customer demands in various applications,” says Justin Brock, Michelin senior marketing manager for the construction and Tweel segment in North America. “The addition of the new SSL 2 application will allow skid steer customers to achieve enhanced durability in demanding environments. The truck-mounted forklift disc will allow the benefits of the tweel technology to be accessed in new segments. Customers will not have to worry about flat tires or comprising performance.”

Michelin says the tweel offers the advantages of no maintenance, no compromise and no downtime, and the SSL requires no air, thereby eliminating the risk of a flat tire, allowing users to stay in operation with limited downtime to maximize profitability.

The company says the SSL also delivers the advantages of easy mounting, damage resistance, exceptional operator comfort, reduced operator fatigue, improved productivity and longer wear life than standard pneumatic tires.

Loegering Power Attachments introduces new attachments

Loegering Power Attachments, an ASV Holdings Inc. brand, has introduced the ST Series stabilizing and milling skid-steer and compact track loader attachments to the North American market.

Made up of the ST1000 and ST600, the company says the ST Series attachments are versatile and give users the ability to complete milling and stabilizing applications with the same tool.

“Reliability and performance are top priorities at Loegering Power Attachments,” says Justin Rupar, ASV Holdings Inc. vice president of sales and marketing. “The ST Series exemplifies that with solid construction and unmatched dependability. The two-in-one attachments allow contractors to use the mobility and versatility of a compact track loader or skid steer while completing milling and stabilizing applications efficiently and with maximum uptime.”

Photo: Loegering Power AttachmentsPhoto: Loegering Power Attachments

The company says the attachments are built with convenience in mind. Loegering Power Attachments says the ST Series gives users the value of two tools in one, thanks to a unique drum design allowing both milling and stabilizing.

The company says operators achieve accurate milling to a depth of 9 inches and the ability to follow the contour of the pavement independent of the loader thanks to independent level control on both sides of the attachment. The company says users achieve optimal mixing of binders into cut pavement as a result of a large mixing chamber, allowing the cut material to expand.

Loegering Power Attachments says a dust suppression system helps ensure safety compliance, and spraying stabilizing fluid or binder is convenient as a result of ports built directly into the cutter box.

The company says the 39-inch-wide ST1000 is one of the largest compact track loader or skid-steer-mounted milling attachments on the market, and the tool requires a powerful carrier to operate correctly. The attachment’s size allows users to use a compact track loader or skid steer to complete milling or stabilizing jobs such as parking lots.

Loegering Power Attachments says it also offers the 24-inch-wide ST600 for use on smaller, lower-flow-rate loaders than the RT-120, and the attachment is ideal for efficiently completing smaller projects, such as narrow roadways, small parking lots, paved trails and paths.

The company says the ST Series attachments are user friendly and simple to operate, thanks to joystick controls that allow full operator control at the touch of four buttons, and users have the ability to control functions remotely with an optional remote control.

The company says both attachments are built for maximum reliability, featuring a heavy-duty construction and robust 1-inch-thick frame. In addition to durability, the company says the heavy frame provides stability by reducing bouncing during operation and keeping the attachment firmly planted to the ground.

Loegering Power Attachments says maintenance is convenient thanks to very few required spare parts, interchangeable wear strips on skid plates, sealed bearings and only two grease fittings on the floating turntable of the attachment.

The company says operators can easily change cutting tools with the quick-change tooling system, and a dual direct hydraulic drive eliminates the need for gearboxes or pulleys and the associated maintenance and reliability problems.

Fecon releases Blackhawk knife-tool mulching head

Fecon introduced the Blackhawk knife-tool mulching head, which the company says quickly and efficiently shreds standing vegetation and processes material on the ground.

Designed specifically as a knife tool mulcher, the company says every aspect of the Blackhawk including rotor diameter and size, the ratio of knives to rotor, cutting chamber, even the hydraulic lines, contribute to maximizing its production capacity.

Photo: FeconPhoto: Fecon

Ideal for skid steer and compact tracked loaders with hydraulic flows of 27 to 45gpm, Fecon says this new mulcher features 30 knife tools and has a 76” cutting width.

Fecon says this optimized rotor can aggressively shred standing vegetation as well as process materials already on the ground, and the ability to process already felled materials creates a more aesthetically appealing end-product and eliminates partially processed material being left behind.

Because the Blackhawk efficiently channels material through its cutting cycle, Fecon says there is minimal draw on the engine, resulting in significantly improved fuel efficiency. Should a rotor stall occur, Fecon says the unit will immediately recover when extricated from the stall-causing material and be ready to re-engage.

The company adds that most of the finely chipped material is broadcast forward of the rotor to minimize the re-processing of already shredded material, further enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness.

Fecon says hydraulic lines have been completely redesigned for better flow through the mulcher, and the elimination of 90-degree bends reduces heat buildup in the hydraulic fluid, which allows longer run times and longer service of hydraulic components.

Fecon says each Blackhawk mulcher can be fine-tuned to the specific hydraulic output of its carrier, and adjusting the hydraulic displacement of the motor to match hydraulic flow supplied boosts the rotor performance and efficiency.

The company says that bolt-in wear parts enhance the economy of the Blackhawk, and rugged construction includes a 5/16” thick HS steel cutting chamber with AR steel replaceable wear parts.

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