Product roundup: Arborjet offers special promotion of original TREE-äge

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Photo: ArborjetPhoto: Arborjet

In recognition of 20 years as leaders in plant health, Arborjet says it is offering a special promotion of its flagship product – the original TREE-äge.

The company says it was designed to protect trees from Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and many other invasive insects, using a method that limits environmental impact.

“I can remember back in 2009 when TREE-äge was best described as a silver bullet,” says Arborjet president and CEO Russ Davis. “At the time, we didn’t realize how we completely changed the tree care industry! We think it’s only fitting as a thank you to more than 5,000 service providers and their customers that we make the leading process of tree injection even more affordable.”

Through decades of research, field studies and practical applications on millions of trees, Arborjet says TREE-äge insecticide has been proven to be highly effective against listed pests EAB, pine bark beetles, gypsy moth and more.

The company says TREE-äge does the following:

  • Injects and seals the formulation directly into a tree’s vascular system. Nothing is placed in the soil or into the air.
  • Allows a tree to be treated for over 30 years if needed, before the cost is equal to that of removing and replacing a tree. Most cities retreat every two to three years.
  • Has allowed major cities like Chicago, Milwaukee and Rochester to save their trees for a cost of less than $50 per tree.
  • Saves mature ash trees, which reduces energy costs and stormwater runoff, while maintaining property values for homeowners.
  • Offers long residual activity backed by years of research and independent university studies.
  • Works with all Arborjet equipment.

“We’re pleased the TREE-äge family has grown and is credited for saving millions of trees in an environmentally friendly way,” says Davis. “We are proud to select the original TREE-äge to celebrate Arborjet’s 20th anniversary, and our legacy of providing the highest quality products and services in the industry.”

Ryan adds new Jr. Sod Cutter-Hydro

Ryan recently released the new Jr. Sod Cutter-Hydro, which the company says features a variable speed hydrostatic transmission with forward and reverse drive.

Photo: RyanPhoto: Ryan

The company says the transmission also runs independent of the cutting blade, providing a consistent, quality cut regardless of the drive speed. The company says the Jr. Sod Cutter-Hydro comes in 18” and 24” cutting widths.

The company says these models feature the signature Ryan cast-iron gear case that encloses oil-lubricated final drives to both wheels and the cutting blade

“We’re always looking for ways to enhance the performance of our legendary Jr. Sod Cutter line and this all-new model definitely gives operators everything they need to power through the cut,” says Dan Riddle, marketing manager for Ryan. “It makes tough sod cutting jobs easy and sets our customers up for success.”

The company says the Jr. Sod Cutter-Hydro takes less of a toll on the operator by delivering ultra-low vibration technology, which reduces hand vibration by up to 75 percent.

The company says it also features easy-steer technology, where the rear caster wheel can lock in place to hold straight lines or unlock for easier maneuvering.

FX Luminaire introduces new line-voltage series fixtures

FX Luminaire says its line-voltage series expands lighting design beyond the scope of traditional low-voltage lighting.

Photo: FX LuminairePhoto: FX Luminaire

With flexibility in color temperature, beam angles and outputs up to 2,500 lumens, the company says the line-voltage series provides an ideal solution for projects that require higher outputs and electrical capacities.

“Contemporary outdoor lighting projects often require line-voltage solutions alongside traditional low-voltage options,” says Sarah Auyeung, associate product manager. “Eight fixtures are now available from FX Luminaire for seamless installation in any lighting design.”

The company says the line-voltage series combines world-class engineering with a contemporary design aesthetic to create sleek, robust solutions for every project.

With a range of new options available, the company says the line-voltage series fixtures offer removable cartridges for easy servicing, highly resilient mounting accessories for streamlined installation and tamper-resistant elements for ultimate security in public spaces.

Milwaukee makes extensive carbide teeth expansion

Milwaukee Tool says it continues to deliver ground-breaking Sawzall blade solutions with an extensive expansion of their lineup of carbide-teeth blades, including the Ax with carbide teeth for pruning and clean wood blades, the Wrecker with carbide teeth blades for multi-material cutting and a new offering of 12” Torch with nitrus carbide and Torch with carbide teeth blades.

Engineered to cut longer, cut more and cut faster, the company says these new blades equip users with the best carbide-teeth blade for every application.

“A few short years ago, we disrupted the carbide-teeth market with the longest-lasting, most versatile and fastest cutting blades for nail-embedded wood and metal with the Ax with carbide teeth for nail-embedded wood and the Torch with carbide teeth for the toughest metal-cutting applications,” says John Rossi, vice president of linear edge accessory products for Milwaukee Tool. “Then just this year, we built on this offering with the Torch with nitrus carbide for cast iron cuts. Now, we’re expanding this lineup once again by introducing carbide teeth pruning blades, multi-material blades and more sizes of our popular Torch and Torch with nitrus carbide blades, providing users with unparalleled speed and life in a wide range of applications.”

Photo: Milwaukee ToolPhoto: Milwaukee Tool

Built to deliver the fastest cuts above and below ground, the company says the Ax with carbide teeth Sawzall blades for pruning and clean wood are constructed with a 3TPI design for the fastest cutting in clean wood. Featuring a low blade profile for root removal and an optimized carbide grade, the company says these blades allow users to complete even the toughest root ball cuts and stump removals while withstanding impacts with harsh abrasives such as gravel, sand and dirt.

The company says these blades deliver up to 50 times more life in comparison to the carbon steel reciprocating saw blades available today.

From clean wood to thick metals, the company says the Wrecker with carbide teeth Sawzall blades are the most versatile carbide blades on the market.

Complete with a fang tip design that allows for faster plunge cuts into wood materials and a 6TPI design for material versatility, the company says the Wrecker with carbide teeth blades enables users to cut into everything from clean wood to thick metals for quick demolition and remodeling applications.

The company says these blades offer up to 50 times more life versus the standard bi-metal reciprocating saw blades available today.

Milwaukee says both the Torch with carbide teeth and the Torch with nitrus carbide blade lineups now include 12” models. Engineered with a 7TPI design to deliver extreme life and unmatched versatility in thick and extreme metal cutting applications, the company says the Torch with carbide teeth blades and the Torch with nitrus carbide blades can tackle a wide variety of metal materials from black pipe to cast iron.

Lytx showcases new data to capture more driver distractions

Lytx recently announced new data on how their machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI)-powered technology has enabled fleets and empowered drivers to identify and correct significantly more risk, both inside and outside of the vehicle.

“Lytx’s advanced MV+AI solutions make it easier for fleets to get started with and benefit from AI,” says Sathya Kabirdas, research director, Frost & Sullivan. “Lytx is at the forefront of machine vision- and artificial intelligence-based video telematics for commercial vehicle fleets. The company has consistently delivered innovative technology in advance of the market and moved the space from speculating about the potential of MV+AI to deploying it at a scale that is helping transform safety and productivity for fleets of all sizes, across all industry segments.”

Since launching its inside view triggers in February 2020, the company says over 1,500 more fleets have deployed the company’s MV+AI-backed driver safety solution, actively and accurately detecting high-risk behaviors among their drivers in real-time, while moving toward a safer and more productive future that empowers drivers.

Photo: Ozark Motor LinesPhoto: Ozark Motor Lines

“While many providers claim to have AI, it is really important to ask the right questions about the quality and breadth of their offering because many providers only capture one or two specific behaviors and do so using unreliable or limited datasets,” says Dave Riordan, Lytx executive vice president and general manager, enterprise business. “This can lead to a barrage of false positives that result in inaccurate data and lead to trust issues with drivers, while increasing the risk of missing the real thing. We are pleased to see so many fleets adopting our MV+AI technology, enabling them to detect and reduce cell phone use and other high-risk driving behaviors before they result in a collision – or worse.”

Compared to other video telematics, in which event capture is triggered by accelerometers alone, Lytx says the MV+AI enables fleets and empowers drivers to identify and correct significantly more risk, both inside and outside of the vehicle, including:

  • No seat belt — identified 397 percent more
  • Unsafe following distance — identified 332 percent more
  • Incomplete stop – identified 243 percent more
  • Food or drink — identified 173 percent more
  • Failure to stop — identified 188 percent more
  • Handheld device — identified 133 percent more

Lytx says it calculates that 35 percent of all near collisions captured by its devices involve one or more of these behaviors. Lytx says this underscores both their prevalence and the risk they present, and in turn, the power of proactively capturing these habits – enabling driver self-correction in real time and the potential for deeper coaching in the future. Lytx says the MV+AI provides accurate and timely visibility into eight high-risk behaviors that occur both on the road and in the cab. The company says its MV+AI road-view triggers, launched in 2015, include rolling stop, lane departure, following distance and critical distance.

Lytx says it released a major enhancement earlier this year, with MV+AI used to proactively detect driving behaviors including handheld device, no seatbelt, food or drink and driver smoking.

Lytx says it can monitor for and detect driving behavior patterns in real-time and is connected to audio alerts designed to help drivers self-correct in the moment. To minimize “alert fatigue,” Lytx says it helps keep alerts effective by controlling their frequency so drivers will be less likely to tune them out.

In addition to real-time, in-cab alerts, the company says short video highlights are selected to be analyzed and further screened by Lytx’s artificial intelligence for accuracy.

The company says the validated video clips are then automatically sent via a 4G LTE cellular connection from the vehicle to the cloud, where they may be viewed by the client via their Lytx account from any internet-connected computer, smartphone or tablet.

Lytx adds that drivers have the ability to self-coach as well, by reviewing clips independently and leaving notes for their coaches or managers to review, as needed, at a later date.

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