Equipment roundup: Toro adds swivel mud buggy to product line

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Photo: ToroPhoto: Toro

Toro announced that it has made an advancement to their material buggy line with the introduction of the all-new swivel mud buggy.

Built on the same frame as the MB TX 2500 tracked mud buggy, Toro says this swivel mud buggy features a redesigned tub that enables it to swivel 180 degrees, allowing users to dump materials anywhere between the 180-degree angle.

For enhanced durability, Toro says the swivel mud buggy also offers a thicker 3/8-inch polyethylene tub material. With the increased thickness of the tub, the company says users can tackle more jobs with confidence and ease, regardless of the material being transported, including sand, rock, mulch or even cement.

When it comes to productivity, Toro says this addition to the material buggy product line does not disappoint. In addition to the swivel feature and the redesigned tub, the company says the swivel switch travels with the right-hand control handle, allowing operators to safely and efficiently operate the machine while simultaneously swiveling the tub.

Toro says the swivel mud buggy can carry up to 2,500 lbs. of material, and the 25 hp Kohler Confidant engine delivers exceptional power to handle even the most challenging material handling applications.

Additionally, Toro says the swivel mud buggy can reach transport speeds of up to 6 mph in forward and 3 mph in reverse to transport material around the jobsite. In terms of durability, the company says the endless Kevlar reinforced tracks are built for high performance and offer outstanding traction for a wide range of terrain, including hillsides, culverts and ditches. The company says the unit also performs well in various challenging conditions such as mud, gravel and even snow.

“We know our customers are looking for a machine that focuses on increasing productivity in every way and ensuring that they can get their jobs done with precision,” says Kaitlyn Ingli, marketing associate at Toro. “Our swivel mud buggy was engineered to deliver exceptional precision, user-friendly controls and ultimately, an innovative and highly efficient working experience for Toro end users.”

The company says the unit also features an auto-return dump feature that eliminates the need for the operator to wait for the tub to return to the traveling position, increasing overall productivity.

Toro says the model weighs approximately 1,575 lbs. and boasts a 16 ft3 tub volume. The company says the swivel mud buggy offers service points for routine maintenance, and the belts, hydraulics, battery and engine compartment are all easily accessible and simple to maintain.

Bobcat Company announces new front-mount snowblower attachment

Bobcat Company announced that it is expanding its compact tractor attachment offering with the new front-mount snowblower.

Photo: Bobcat CompanyPhoto: Bobcat Company

The company says the front-mount snowblower – available in 49-inch and 62-inch widths – is positioned in front of the machine, rather than behind on a 3-point hitch. Bobcat says the front-mounted attachment provides customers a more comfortable way to clear snow around acreages or barns, as they do not need to turn around in their seats to monitor the performance of the attachment.

Bobcat says features include a two-stage blower design and hydraulic rotating chute to direct snow wherever operators want it, and adjustable skid shoes help scrape the pavements clean or can be set higher to remove snow from gravel lots or driveways. The company adds that a bolt-on reversible cutting edge is included for added durability.

The company says the front-mounted snowblower is driven from the mid-power-take-off (PTO)–which transfers the power from the compact tractor engine to the snowblower–and connected via a lift kit. Bobcat says operators can hydraulically raise and lower the snowblower and redirect the discharge chute using the joystick.

The company says the snowblower attachment is available in two models – 49-inch and 62-inch. The 49-inch model is compatible with the CT1021 and CT1025 models. The 62-inch is compatible with the CT2025, CT2035 and CT2535 models.

Exmark celebrates 25 years of Lazer Z innovation

Exmark says it is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Lazer Z commercial zero-turn riding mower.

First introduced in the fall of 1995, Exmark says the Lazer Z today is trusted by more landscape maintenance professionals than other zero-turn mowers.

The company says the Lazer Z was Exmark’s first mid-mount zero-turn mower model, and it was quickly accepted as state of the art among landscape maintenance professionals, for whom the increased productivity, cut quality and ease of transport were distinct improvements from the status quo of the day.

By mounting the cutting deck between the front caster wheels and the drive wheels, the company says the mid-mount Lazer Z offered a true zero turning radius, with a much smaller footprint than earlier zero-turn mower designs. Exmark says this made the Lazer Z much more maneuverable in tight spaces and significantly reduced the space needed for trailering and storage.

Photo: ExmarkPhoto: Exmark

Daryn Walters, Exmark general manager, says that while the basic layout of the Lazer Z is similar to the original, the machine has evolved considerably over the years.

“As our customers’ needs and preferences have evolved, we’ve worked hard to continually raise the bar with the Lazer Z,” says Walters. “Whether it’s productivity, cut quality, operator comfort and safety, or long-term durability, today’s Lazer Z represents the current state of the art in commercial mowers.”

Exmark says the Lazer Z remains focused on the needs of landscape maintenance professionals.

“Professional cutters and homeowners alike have aspired to be a part of the legacy and experience the Lazer Z’s superior productivity, cut quality, durability and performance,” says Walters.

Launched as a single series in 1995, Exmark says today the Lazer Z family has grown to include four series and numerous models for 2021, each available in a range of cut widths and configurations. Exmark says it offers gasoline- and diesel-powered Lazer Z models, with decks capable of cutting up to 96-inches per pass.

For 2021, Exmark says it has updated its largest, most powerful Lazer Z model – the 96-inch Lazer Z Diesel. The company says a new engine shroud reduces operating temperature with a larger air intake screen.

The company says the increased surface area of the new screen allows the fan to draw cleaner, cooler intake air across the radiator, and the location of the screen has also been revised to significantly reduce blockage from clippings and debris.

The 2021 Exmark Lazer Z family includes:

  • Lazer Z E-Series – 48-inch to 72-inch deck widths; air-cooled gasoline engines
  • Lazer Z S-Series – 52-inch to 72-inch deck widths; Smart Controller equipped air-cooled gasoline and EFI-gasoline engines
  • Lazer Z X-Series – 60-inch to 96-inch deck widths; air-cooled EFI-gasoline engines featuring Exmark’s patented RED Technology
  • Lazer Z Diesel – Updated for 2021 – 60-inch to 96-inch deck widths; RED Technology equipped Yanmar turbodiesel and common-rail diesel engines

Z Turf Equipment adds dealers, updates lawn care equipment line for 2021

Two years since the sale of lawn care equipment manufacturer L.T. Rich, the company says it is back with a new name and an improved, expanded product line for 2021.

The new company – Z Turf Equipment – is now part of the Exmark family of products. According to product manager, Jonathan Guarneri, the company’s 2021 product line has expanded and is more reliable and easier to service than earlier models.

“The transition included numerous challenges to overcome, but we’ve gained a lot of ground since then,” says Guarneri. “We’re committed to the Z Turf Equipment line and to our customers. We didn’t change the fundamental designs of the machines, as existing users are very happy with their Z-Spray and Z-Aerate (formerly Z-Plug) machines. As a result, our focus was on refining the machines, improving quality control and eliminating variances from one product run to another that occurred in the past.”

Photo: Z Turf EquipmentPhoto: Z Turf Equipment

The company says a good example of this refinement is a change to clinch nut fasteners, instead of weld nuts. Guarneri says the change virtually eliminates the cross-threading of fasteners, both on the production line and during service.

“A change in fasteners may seem like an insignificant detail, but it’s one that can have a major impact on serviceability and long-term durability down the road,” says Guarneri. “All fasteners are sourced from approved suppliers, and this change has substantially improved both quality and consistency.”

The company says customers can also expect a higher level of dealer support than was available in the past. To that end, Z Turf Equipment says it has added more than 700 servicing dealers across North America, making it easier for customers to get parts and receive service support for Z-Spray and Z-Aerate machines.

The 2021 Z Turf Equipment line includes six spreader sprayer models, three aerators and one slicer-seeder. Models include:

  • Z-Aerate 40 – 40-inch stand-on aerator
  • Z-Aerate 30 – 30-inch stand-on aerator – new model for 2021
  • Z-Aerate 24 – 24-inch stand-on aerator – new model for 2021
  • Z-Seed – 20-inch walk-behind slicer-seeder – new model for 2021
  • Z-Spray LTS spreader stand-on sprayer – 20-gallon tank; 175-pound hopper
  • Z-Spray Junior 36 stand-on spreader sprayer – 24-gallon tank; 120-pound hopper
  • Z-Spray Junior 42 stand-on spreader sprayer – 30-gallon tank; 150-pound hopper
  • Z-Spray Mid stand-on spreader sprayer – 30-gallon tank; 220-pound hopper
  • Z-Spray Max stand-on spreader sprayer – 60-gallon tank; 220-pound hopper
  • Z-Spray Max XL stand-on spreader sprayer – 60-gallon tank; 220-pound hopper; upgraded 7 GPM Fatboy pump and alternator
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