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Updated Jan 6, 2023
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There is no, “silver bullet” in the landscaping business that an owner can use that will assure success. Instead, there are myriad details like a puzzle that must be sorted out and put into systems and processes.

One of these areas is the AM / PM process. Having a system around the beginning of the day and the end of the day within the company can create an incredible amount of time saved, which will ultimately produce more profits.

Without these systems and processes in place, frustration and confusion will reign, which will lead to little or no profits and ultimately business failure.

Here is an AM/PM procedures template that you can follow. In this case, I am using a template for a lawn/landscape maintenance crew. 

Morning mobilization

Here is what an ideal morning dispatch might look like for your various team members.


·         Review Daily Schedule and Field Reports with Crew Leaders

·         Conduct Team Meetings and Safety Meetings when scheduled


·         Review Daily Schedule and Field Reports with Account Manager

·         Make any schedule, personnel, or equipment adjustments, due to absenteeism, weather, or breakdowns.

·         Review crew pre-departure activities

·         Enter truck and buckle up.

·         Depart yard 6:45 AM


·         Check fluid levels in Trucks and Equipment.

·         Start Equipment.

·         Enter truck and buckle up.

·         Depart yard 6:45 AM


·         Check Tires.

·         Replenish water and ice.

·         Enter truck and buckle up.

·         Depart yard 6:45 AM

NOTE: Each employee should be assigned a specific task when mobilizing at the start time. This will insure the crew leaves within the designated time frame.  Personal Safety Equipment must be worn at all times in the yard as well as at the job sites.

Afternoon completion

Here is what an ideal afternoon schedule might look like.


·         Review Production Day //Reports with each Crew Leader

·         Check over completed Field Reports with each Crew Leader

·         Review any Equipment issues with each Crew Leader

·         Review and Discuss any Problems, Un-Completed Work, Etc. with each Crew Leader

·         Thank the Crew Leaders and Crew Members for their work that day

·         Review any adjustments required for next day's Production Schedule

·         Lock and secure truck/trailer and Yard


·         Check equipment status for any repairs required

·         Complete paperwork: Time Cards and production reports and place in bin

·         Review day with Superintendent

·         Review any equipment issues with the Equipment Specialist

·         Work with crew… Follow up on their assigned tasks

·         Thank the crew for their work that day

·         Lock and secure truck/trailer and Yard


·         Refuel the truck as well as the 5 gallon, 2.5 gallon and 1galllon gas cans, Handheld machines, and mowers.

·         Replenish supplies: Edger blades, trimmer string, grease and oil, pesticides

·         Unhitch and disconnect the trailer

·         Park truck in front of trailer


·         Clean out trash from truck/trailer and put in dumpster

·         Dump any debris in truck in the appropriate dump site (EX: soil pile / brush pile / wood pile / trimmings pile)

Getting systems in place

While you might have different tasks to work into the template, the idea is to get systems and processes in place. Everyone should know what tasks they are responsible for so that there is no room for confusion. This will help set your days up for success.

This article was written by Fred Haskett of True Winds Consulting and originally appeared on his Fridays with Fred blog.

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