Learn about job sequencing to maximize success

Job Sequencing

In one week, on July 20, 2023, industry veteran Fred Haskett will host a free webinar on job sequencing in the lawn and landscape industry. The webinar, "Efficient Job Sequencing for Landscape and Lawn Care Professionals," will be held at 3 pm est. Haskett says that attendees will be guided through the process of job sequencing and provided with practical insights on how to maximize job productivity, job quality, and safety.

During this event, the following points will be discussed:

→ Defining and Implementing Job Sequencing: Learn what job sequencing is and how a well-executed sequence can make your operations more efficient, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

→ Key Aspects of Job Site Planning: Understand essential considerations when arriving at a job site such as parking, unloading and loading equipment, entry points, and dealing with special conditions.

→ Practical Steps to Improve Sequencing: Discover how you can improve your current sequencing processes through observation, identifying double work, and introducing new equipment to speed up processes.

→ Job Sequencing Process: Acquire practical knowledge on the stages of job sequencing, from arriving at the job site to performing tasks in an organized manner, to ensure job quality and safety.

→ Typical Job Sequencing Examples: Learn from examples of job sequencing for weekly mowing service, weekly detail service, and production yard sequencing.

As a special bonus, all participants of this event will receive a personalized complimentary breakthrough strategy session with Haskett. 

Register here to reserve your space.

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