New Irrigation Products

Updated Feb 20, 2013

Spray, control and pump water with these irrigation products that will help you complete your next project efficiently.

Battery-powered control

For isolated sites, power-restricted areas or the special needs of drip zones, the Hunter Node is your solution. The Node mounts to a valve solenoid without screws, drills or additional wires. Once in the box, it’s operated by one or two 9-volt batteries. The Node features an LCD screen and is waterproof and fully submersible up to 12 feet.


Vary spray

Irrigate landscapes of all shapes and sizes with Rain Bird’s high-efficiency variable arc nozzle (HE-VAN). Winning the Irrigation Association’s 2011 Best New Product of the Year Award in the Turf and Landscape Category, the HE-VAN has a spray pattern that is adjustable up to 360 degrees. It uses flow-control technology to lower trajectory streams for close-in watering and uniform coverage across the spray pattern.


Gulp of water

Displace 8 to 12 gallons of water a minute with Underhill’s Gulp UltraMax and Big Gulp UltraMax water removal pumps. With a 36-inch chamber and flexible outlet hoses in either 36- or 72-inch lengths, the Big Gulp UltraMax eliminates water from valve boxes, sprinklers or other flooded areas. A push-button cleaning system provides quick flushing of the pump chamber.


Eco-friendly dripline

Earn LEED credits on your next landscape installation with Netafim USA’s Techline CV dripline, which is manufactured from recycled materials. Techline CV has 17-milimeter, flexible tubing and can be used for irrigating turf, trees, shrubs and bedding areas. Its dripper design provides self-flushing throughout the line, not just the beginning and end. The line can be installed above ground or sub-surface and is available in coils from 100 to 1,000 feet.


Monitors soil conditions

Toro’s Precision Soil Sensor continuously measures moisture levels in the soil and determines when to allow the irrigation controller to water the lawn. It has two wireless components – a receiver that hooks up to the irrigation controller and a sensor that installs in the ground. With an operating range of 500 feet, the sensor uses standard alkaline batters. The stainless-steel electrodes reach 6 inches down into the soil’s profile.


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