Job-Estimating Software: A Landscaper’s Best Friend

Updated May 15, 2013

OpenerIt’s difficult to run a profitable business when you don’t know how much money you’ve made until the end of each year. That was the stark realization faced by Matt Seiler and Jason Crowley, the owners of Hidden Creek Landscaping in Columbus, Ohio.

The solution? Greatly improved job estimating through software programs offered by the Landscape Management Network and Slice Technologies

“We didn’t know if we were making any money until Dec. 31,” Cromley says, explaining why he began searching for a better way to price projects. “We were using industry standards to price things out. Install a paver patio, charge $15 a square foot. For this kind of project, charge this much. But we found a lot of our estimating was still guesswork.”

All of that changed when he found the Landscape Management Network (LMN) tools through an Internet search and later discovered Slice.

“With LMN, we could see we weren’t charging enough on a lot of projects and that we couldn’t take on small projects any more — at least not by pricing with standard industry estimations,” Cromley says. “Now, we use another software, Slice, that takes it yet another step.”

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