Landscapers can be leaders

Updated Mar 23, 2020
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Landscapers are busy people.

However, sometimes it’s good to step out of the landscaper title, move into a different title and be as equally busy.

I enjoy being defined by what I do for a living, but I also like having people in my community know my talents, hobbies and involvements.

Stepping outside of the box is not as scary as it sounds. Jumping immediately into volunteer work or running down to the first religious organization you see to help is not necessary.

Getting involved in your community can be as easy as attending a few community meetings, joining a local organization like a sports team, book club, political group or even becoming the head of the neighborhood watch.

There are several benefits to getting involved. First, there’s the obvious meet-and-greet of spreading your company’s network. However, and more importantly, there’s the benefit of becoming a leader in your community and being the “go-to” person.

What may appear is a large responsibility, can truly be a blessing in disguise. Having more responsibility in your community shows character, commitment and dependability – three great adjectives to describe any landscaper.

DSC_0004Speaking from personal experience, the anniversary of the Tuscaloosa tornado is this Saturday, April 27. Most of our company was involved and most of our company volunteered.

However, even in our large community, we had clear leaders stand up all over to take charge. Whether it was a citizen in a small neighborhood grabbing for the first chainsaw, the mayor giving a press conference or Nick Saban standing on a table at the student union encouraging students to stay calm, there were clear leaders, but it all starts by getting involved.

Being defined as a landscaper is a true art, but being defined as a leader can be life changing for you, your family and friends and your business.

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