Step Outside the Box

236645752_0a288dc77eStarting a landscaping business is hard work.

Between the finances, organization, coordination and not to mention, the actual work, starting a company is no easy task.

However, according to the Libertyville Review, one teen was able to grow his mowing jobs into a $60,000 landscaping business. 

Joey Rossa, a 16-year-old from Libertyville, Illinois, took a neighborhood service of mowing yards for about $20 a week to JMR Landscaping, a $60,000-per-year business with a staff and equipment.

Even though Rossa hasn’t gotten there on his own (his father helps him with the finances), the kid shows ambition.

Rossa exudes a key quality that most of us lose as we settle into a career. It’s not that he is young and has the energy to keep going, but it’s his aspiration to keep learning.

The article states he tries to attempt something new with every client. Now, I know that a client will want what a client is going to want, but I think there are too many times we get stuck in the box.   

Stepping outside of the box could be taking a chance, and people like Rossa has shown that stepping outside of the box may be the best thing you ever do for your business.  

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