Work Smarter, Not Harder

Source: Bella Vista Water DistrictSource: Bella Vista Water District

Don’t water the lawn on even days of the month. Don’t water the lawn between these particular hours. Don’t water on these days of the week.

We’ve all heard it, and we all know that summer months sometimes bring the infamous water restrictions.

There isn’t much one can do to work around water restrictions. In fact, there are such heavy fines that people tend to follow along nicely. People become so adamant about following the rules that they’ll start reporting neighbors who are breaking the rules.

According to, someone can receive up to $500 in fines for not following the restrictions.

Water is a necessity for the lawn during the summer, but there are ways and practices that landscapers can offer to clients through the hotter season.

Tips from

  • Slow down your watering. Water should be applied no faster than the soil surface is able to absorb it.
  • Purchase a hose nozzle with a flow cutoff. This will give more control over where the water goes rather than allowing it to flow onto sidewalks, patios, and areas that are not homes to your plants.
  • Consider buying mulch for around plants and trees. Mulch in the vegetable garden helps retain soil moisture by cutting down on surface evaporation.
  • Take advantage of local rebates and incentive programs. The Denver Post has already created a long list of ways to cash in on saving water this season.

Start working smarter and not harder when adapting to the changing weather around you.

One way to conserve water is begin incorporating more xeriscape-like plants into flower beds. They require a lot of sun and a lot less water than most plants.

Another is to start implementing drip irrigation systems into your clients’ yards. Install rain-harvesting systems to help conserve water if the restrictions become consistent year after year. 

Learning to adapt will help keep you stress free all summer long. 

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