Don’t overlook your opposition

Updated Jul 10, 2018

Tumblr Ltsyiys Ktr1qjqor9o1 500Have you ever taken the time to look at your competition, and I mean really look?

As gut wrenching and frustrating as it might be, your company could learn a thing or two from the competition around the corner.

It’s never a good idea to think your company has mastered the industry and is picture perfect in your client’s eyes.

Learning and adapting is going to get you ahead of the curve and eventually have the eyes turn on you.

This would not be the first time in history companies, business and individuals have learned from the competition. According to DIY Themes, athletes, entrepreneurs, executives and more have been studying the competition to get ahead.

Determine what your competitor has up his or her sleeve, but here’s the extra step – find out why.

Avoid copying, because you won’t learn what you need to know.

“That’s not the answer,” the article states. “Think about chess for a second. If black copies everything white does, black will always stay one move behind. The same applies to business. If you copy your competitors, you’re still one step behind.”

Find out what people might be saying about your competitor – good or bad, and find how you can work that to your advantage. For instance, if you hear potential clients complaining about your competitor’s website experience, make your website the best thing that has hit the internet since 1999.

If it’s good things you’re hearing about your competitor, take what they’re doing but add your own spin to make your company more appealing.

Don’t assume you’re already ahead of the curve, because you may come to find out that you’re not even in the race.

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