How To Communicate Online

SendWhat makes an email different than a face-to-face conversation? Nothing.

With everyone sending emails, texts and social media posts, the way we communicate has evolved from talking to typing. But, that doesn’t mean you should change how you share your thoughts with someone else.

I’m sure you have seen what I see every day — rude, short or even hateful correspondents via the Internet. Maybe it’s an email from a client, Facebook comment on your page or even a text. When I see something like that, I always wonder if that’s how they talk to people.

For my sanity, I like to think not. If they actually spoke to clients, family members or friends the way they type a message, I’m guessing they would be a lonely person. I could be wrong, but I’d rather think all people aren’t as bad as they can come across in emails.

Of course, when you are typing something, as opposed to talking with someone, you face the problem of not realizing you are talking to another person. If you wouldn’t say what’s in the email to a friend, why send it to someone who might not know your true intentions?

Don’t assume anything through written messages. So much can be lost in text — sarcasm, jokes, being short, etc. Choose your words wisely before you press send.

In case you wondered: I’m not on the whole “we are becoming a uncommunicative generation who don’t like actually talking to people” bandwagon. I just think we have different ways to communicate now, compared to our grandparents’ generation. With the advancements in technology, I’ve gone from talking to my parents every few days to throughout the day with texts and calls. Wouldn’t you call that a step in the right direction?

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