Poor Equipment Maintenance Could Be Costly

Photo: Amarillo Globe-NewsPhoto: Amarillo Globe-News

It’s no mystery that even though summer is coming to a close and kids are going back to school, the heat will continue to hit the 80s, 90s and even 100s for the next few months.

So when a front-end loader caught fire this week in Amarillo, Texas due to possible overheating, I was not surprised to hear the news.

The machine caught fire near an Interstate, according to Amarillo Globe-News. There were no injuries reported, but the fire caused a small grass fire that had to be maintained.

With hot temperatures, little rain and dry grass, it’s more important than ever for landscaping crews to be conducting the proper maintenance on machines.

Even though sometimes accidents can happen, some can be prevented with the help of a little extra attention.

As you get to the end of the day and exhaustion begins to set in, don’t get tired and do the bare minimum when it comes to properly examining and maintaining equipment.

Accidents do happen, and just because it hasn’t happened to you or your company, the potential is always there. It takes one misstep or mistake for an accident to happen and it could be a lot worse than a small grass fire.

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