Should Lawns Be Banned?

Ban LawnsWhen I first started reading this article, “Ban Lawns,” I thought it was a joke or satire. But sadly, after digging a little deeper, I think there’s someone out there who actually believes lawns should be outlawed.

Yes, there are times artificial turf or xeriscapes are the best solution for an area. But this writer takes it much further than that:

“Lawns are a false idol. They represent the ancient American ideal of taming nature to our own ends— an ideal formed in a time before we realized that we had already ‘tamed’ nature so much that we were going to destroy ourselves. The desire for a bright green, evenly clipped, thoroughly artificial lawn comes from the same place as the desire for strict dress codes, all white neighborhoods, and dead hippies.”

I’m not sure if he grew up with a bad yard or if he just hates mowing, but the idea of maintaining a healthy, nice lawn is not a bad one. Would he also suggest we all live in metal boxes so we don’t have to keep up our houses? Or, should we not worry about our physical appearance and stop showering?

If some people decide they want to pull up their grass and put down rocks, good for them. But, who’s to say that’s better than having a beautiful lawn?

Even if you weren’t in the green industry, would you be against banning lawns?

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