Love For Football & Landscaping Combined

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I love football.

Now, I’m just as excited as anyone else that the football season is about to kick off in just a few weeks. However, I don’t think I am quite as excited as one Redskins fan.

I have met some pretty crazy football fans. I do cheer from the Crimson Tide after all, and being in the SEC can bring its fair share of intense fandom.

But I think I’ve seen one fan that just brought his loyalty game to a whole different level.

One Washington Redskins fan located in Richmond, Virginia is showing his or her true colors – and I mean literally.

The owner has combined the love of two things – landscaping and football.

Plastered in the front yard of the home is a mural-like painting of Redskins colors and logos all made of landscaping materials.

Here’s the Google street view.

I have a variety of questions I would like to ask whoever made this masterpiece. Like, how long did it take? What did you use? Did a professional do it? What do your neighbors think?

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that someone is ready for football season to be here, and why not celebrate what you love all at once? 

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