Tips for Choosing Paver Shapes & Patterns

Updated Sep 10, 2013

Belgard2012_ADMS_Cambridge_CountryManor_001Creating the perfect outdoor living space is more than just deciding where the patio will go and how big it will be. Patio design takes careful consideration of styles, colors, shapes and patterns. Shape combines with pattern for a one-two punch, and pavers allow you to demonstrate your artistic flair.

BelgardHere are tips from Belgard Hardscapes to keep in mind when choosing paver shapes and patterns:

  • For structures with straight lines and little ornamentation, pavers with interesting shapes installed in a simple geometric pattern work nicely.
  • For ornate Victorian-style houses, repeated curves of arched windows and doors can be echoed through the design of curved edges.
  • For rectangular, colonial styles, repeat the shape by using brick-shaped pavers.
  • The patterns you choose will help create the unique look you’re after. Narrow spaces like paths and alleys can be designed to appear wider simply by laying the pavers on a diagonal or in rows running across the area.
  • Wide spaces can seem narrower simply by running rectangular pavers the length of the area. Large expanses require greater visual interest and provide an opportunity to let your imagination run free.
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