Mowing While Intoxicated

MWIWe’ve all heard of a DWI, but what about a MWI? One West Perth, Ontario, Canada, man has now.

He was operating a mower about 4 p.m. down a public road when he was stopped by an officer.

The problem?

He had been drinking and showed obvious signs of impairment, according to The Beacon Herald. The 64-year-old man was arrested after failing two breath tests.

It might not be a car, but it’s still a moving vehicle that could cause damage to the operator and those around him.

mowing_while_intoxicated_mwi_t_shirt_for_dad-r681bd4dcd26d41c39142933f19ca2384_804gy_324After reading about this incident, it made me want to see if there were others who would pull the same dangerous stunt. And what do you know: There are plenty of others who also don’t think before they mow. Heck, there’s even a T-shirt for it.

One Maine man was pulled over for driving a mower while drunk a few years back. His reasoning? His license had been revoked, so he decided to use the mower as a car. Hmm… wonder why he lost his license?

Sometimes, I’m actually surprised at people’s stupidity, and this is one of those times.

[youtube RNPxIibhcKY#t=187 nolink]


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