Landscaper vs. Landscape Contractor

Landscaper-4There seems to be a long-running joke in the landscaping industry when it comes to titles.

It’s a matter of preference, I suppose, but I have met more and more industry professionals who are very particular about what they call themselves.

Some like to be called landscapers and some like to be called landscape contractors.

I decided to dive into the issue deeper.

I looked up the true definitions of the words, and my results were intriguing.

By definition, landscape contracting is, “a profession that involves the art and technology of landscape and garden project planning, construction and landscape management, and maintenance and gardening; for garden aesthetics, human enjoyment and safety, and ecosystem-plant community sustainability. “

In comparison, the definition of a landscaper is, “a gardener who does landscape gardening.”

The two varying definitions were enlightening. However, I wanted to learn where the term “landscaper” came from.

The word “landscape” comes from a Dutch word that joins the words meaning “land” and “condition or state”, according to

“Like seascape, to which it is related, it refers to a single view or prospect,” the website states. “Though there are landscape architects and engineers, these specialists would tend to identify themselves as architects and engineers with a specialty in landscaping. It is usually assumed that someone called a ‘landscaper’ does not have expertise in architecture or engineering.”

Although some landscapers or landscape contractors call themselves a variety of titles, in the end, I believe an individual’s title is just a title.

Regardless if you call yourself a landscaper, a landscape contractor or the best green industry professional in the world, all a client cares about is the work.

If the work is done correctly and to a client’s satisfaction, at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

Define yourself by your work instead of a title. 

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