Landscaping Faux Pas

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Fashions always come and go, but I have always heard London is ahead of the game compared to the rest of the world.

However, after I came across one article, I’m not sure I want to be on the fashion bandwagon anytime soon.

Whereas grass looks quite nice on a lawn, how about seeing it on a handbag?

British Seed Houses has introduced its latest fashion accessories – a garden inspired designer handbag and hat.

The company is launching its new grass seed, AberSustain, which is specially bred in Aberystwyth of landscaping projects, according to

I’m willing to accept new ideas and follow along with the latest trends in the landscaping world, but this is a bit extreme.

Do you have to water your handbag or hat? Can you grow vegetation? How do you mow a handbag?

Too many questions, too little time, but all I know is I will jump on board if I walk down the street and start seeing landscaped shirts, shorts and shoes next. 

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