Don’t Stop At Ordinary

Photo: Australian National UniversityPhoto: Australian National University

Landscapers don’t typically call themselves artists.

But, if you actually think about it, landscapers really do create art.

Take for example American artist, Michael McFalls.

After a six-week excursion to Australia, he found a fresh perspective that greatly influenced his artwork.

In fact, at one of his shows, he debuted a huge tree trunk covered in red earth dotted with small figurine spacemen cast in bronze. The tree symbolized America’s endeavors into outer space, but the red earth came from his Australian influence.

I’m not saying landscapers should strive to be the next Picasso, but visiting other parts of the world, country or even state could have a big impact on your next jobsite.

Understanding the landscape in any area could bring about new ideas and concepts you had not thought about before.

It’s one thing to start learning from the competition around you, but what about the landscaper in the next state over? What about the landscape in the next state over?

Experiencing a new landscape can bring about an exciting change and help landscapers think outside of the box.    

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