The 3 Worst Types of Drivers

Driving to all of your jobsites can pile on the miles. But even worse than spending time on the road is when you do it surrounded by bad drivers. Here are my Top 3 types of bad drivers.

Dog Driving While Texting1. Drivers who are more concerned with their phones than the road.

Whether they’re texting, checking email or typing a novel to their friend, people who are on their phone must feel they are above the rest of us: “So what if it’s against the law. My fast reflexes and skills are way more sophisticated than the average human. Of course I can text and drive.”

You’ll be able to spot these people when a light turns green, but there is no sign of them hitting the gas pedal anytime soon. Or, they slow down and speed up like their car is stuck in some crazy carousel. The more “skilled” phone-aholics can be seen looking up and down, like they are forever nodding “yes.”


Merge2. Drivers who refuse to merge.

Even though you’ve slowed down, flashed your lights, waved and maybe even honked your horn, they will not — for any reason — merge onto the highway. They seem content to white-knuckle the steering wheel until someone comes to a complete stop to let them in. I’m more afraid of this type of driver than someone who is aggressive because you never know what a timid driver will do next.

Then, you have the person who waits until the very last minute to merge, even though they could have before, just to get a little further ahead. For these, show no mercy.


Passing3. Drivers who pass you and then slow down in front of you.

It’s like as soon as they get in front of you, the realize they’re speeding and should slow down — which means they are now going slower than you, the person they passed. These aren’t the spiteful drivers who get around you just to box you in. It’s as if they think they would go so much faster if only you weren’t in front of them. And guess what: They were wrong. They are the type that will never be happy, and if you pass them, they’ll gain some speed courage and want to be in the front again. Just hope you aren’t on a long drive when you encounter one of these.

NeighborBUT DON’T FORGET: Right when I’m completely fed up with the driver in front of me, about to do or say something I shouldn’t, I have the unrealistic fear that they are driving to my neighborhood — and I might actually know or live near them.

So, before unleashing your road rage, think of that crazy texter or seemingly lost driver as your neighbor. You’ll think twice about shooting or shouting anything their way.


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