3 ways to find more work

Updated Jan 9, 2019

Where-to-Find-ClientsAs your business starts to thaw out and you gear up for another year, you might start to wonder when the next project will come your way.

To help get the calls and bids rolling in, here are three ways you can bring in more work.

1. Share ideas. Did you do a project last year that was good but could have been great? Share your suggestions with the client — whether it’s adding a fire feature or installing new plants. Not only does this give you a reason to contact them, but it may also bring in more work for you and your crews. You can work with them in phases, which will mean a steady flow of cash for you.

2. Keep an eye out. Never stop looking for new projects. If you become too comfortable with your work load, you’ll become complacent — and who wants that? When you’re busy with one project, you may be tempted to put possible new clients to the side. But, once you’re finished with what you’re working on, there won’t be anything after that if you take on that mindset. Instead, talk with prospective clients and see when you can work them into your schedule. If they really want a good professional, they’ll understand there is some wait time.

3. Say “no.” While you might be tempted to be a “yes man” at the beginning, there are times to say “no.” If you’ll barely break even on a project — whether it’s because of travel or material costs — turn it down. It may be difficult at first to turn someone away, but it will help your business in the long run. Knowing what types of projects you want to work on can better define your services and make you the leader in that category — instead of someone who does everything, but does nothing well.

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