Don’t Let Your Service Become Robotic

retro-robot-toyLandscapers should always be on the lookout when it comes to competitors.

However, I’m not talking about competitors down the street or one block over.

No, I’m talking about odd discoveries that could put a landscaper out of business.

One good example would be losing a bid to goats.

Chicago’s O’Hare Airport hired a herd of goats to “mow” around some difficult and hard-to-reach areas.

Beyond goats, people are now turning to technology to get the job done.

One Indiana man has turned clearing his snow in his driveway into somewhat of a game.

He has created a snowblower that can be operated remotely from a controller. While the snowblower does its job, he sits back and watches from the comfort of his home.

Now, as creative as this may seem, don’t lose jobs to a robot.

There is something to be said about good customer service and creating an experience rather than just going and getting the job done.

Visiting each client every week may see repetitive you, but may be the highlight of someone’s day.

Not every client is the same – so don’t treat them that way.

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