Growing up in Dale City, Virginia, I spent my free time at the ice rink.Growing up in Dale City, Virginia, I spent my free time at the ice rink.

Why just wanting to be the best isn’t enough

Growing up, I wanted to be an Olympic ice skater. Skating was just a hobby at first, but the backward crossovers, lunges and jumps soon had me hooked. I thought I had found my career after performing with Olympians and Disney on Ice.

But, the early mornings, late nights, bruises, private lessons and karate classes (to help with balance and flexibility) took their toll, and I eventually hung up my ice skates for good. My dream to compete lacked an unwavering dedication.

As I watch the build up to this year’s winter games in Sochi, I’m reminded of my deep respect for all of the athletes and their passion for these sports. Training for the Olympics requires a person to commit completely, especially when there are hurdles or setbacks.

Running a business is no different.

You start early and finish late. There’s always a new competitor trying to take your spot. And you’ve put in a lot of sweat and tears to get your company to where it is today.

But just wanting to be the best in the industry won’t set you apart or help you “take home the gold,” as I found out.

“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important,” says Bobby Knight, the former U.S. men’s basketball coach that led them to a gold medal in 1984.

Make sure you keep that drive every day – not just every four years.

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