Are You Using LinkedIn to its Full Potential?

linkedinEveryone knows LinkedIn is the professional’s play place of industry connections.

But are you using the social media site to its full potential?

LinkedIn is not like any other social media platform out there today. It was not designed for teenyboppers, funny videos or silly posts.

No, LinkedIn was designed for the professional working man and woman, which means it should take longer than five minutes to set up a personal and company profile.

Not only should landscapers be setting up a personal page but they should also be setting up a company page.

Having a well designed, thought out LinkedIn page shows a potential client that someone cares a great deal about representation – something they are probably looking for in a company.

So, take a moment to fill out your skills, company’s services and even upload a few project photos or videos.

However, the most important tip: stay connected.

Don’t set up your profile and never look at it again. It’s important to continuously update pages, photos, skills and more to show any clients that you are in the market.

Social media coach, speaker and strategist Andrea Vahl put together a checklist that every landscaper needs to go through for personal and company LinkedIn pages.


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