Don’t let spring stress you out

Updated Mar 29, 2023

As the early spring term begins to roll in, so does the never-ending stress for some landscapers.

The spring and summer months are busy times for most landscaping businesses, but those months don’t always have to bring the most stress.

Landscapers need to take control of situations early and head on to avoid molehills turning into mountains.

Forbes spoke with Sharon Melnick, a business psychologist who offered 12 ways to eliminate stress in the workplace. I chose six that I thought applied the most to landscapers.

Take a deep breath

Landscapers can often feel overwhelmed when a job site isn’t going as planned or the weather is being difficult. Take a deep breath and clear your head. Inhaling for five seconds, holding and exhaling in equal counts through the nose can help landscapers get a clear perspective.

Cool down quickly

Mistakes happen, especially in new businesses or with new employees. When landscapers get frustrated, it’s natural to react immediately. However, have some patience and avoid overreacting. Try not to react until that tense, hot feeling goes away.

Identify self-imposed stress

This can be a difficult task, especially for new landscapers. Owners do not need the approval of others to be successful. If landscapers are too busy worrying about what others are thinking, the stress is going to pile on even higher. Believe it or not, when you stop caring about what others think and focus on the job at hand, the others will most likely find your work impressive.

Prioritize your priorities

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. All landscapers run on deadlines and fast-changing priorities. However, it’s time to prioritize your priorities. Landscapers need to focus on the company’s strategic priorities, as well as personal goals and strengths.

Influence others

Stress can spread like wildfires in workplaces. If a crew member or manager is getting stressed out, landscapers should take the time to talk to that co-worker. By pointing out the bad behavior in a professional and respectful tone, landscapers can show that employee how negative behavior affects the crew and environment as a whole.

Be your own best critic

Internal negativity is going to stress you out. Don’t let it. Don’t let harsh and critical thoughts overwhelm your everyday thoughts. Instead, work on pumping yourself up and using encouraging thoughts to get you from one job site to the next.

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