Pro tip: Give clients plant care info

Updated Mar 21, 2019

Dead PlantsWhat’s worse than spending hours installing expensive plants for a client, only to come back months later to see all of the plants are dead?

Inside Out Design includes plant maintenance information on their website.Inside Out Design includes plant maintenance information on their website.

You might be a horticultural expert — but that doesn’t mean your clients know anything about their new foliage. So instead of adding plants and leaving, give clients a care sheet for their trees, shrubs and flowers.

Not only will a care sheet help the plants survive, but it will also help reduce angry customer calls when their greenery turns a deadly brown.

Inside Out Design, TLC’s 2014 Landscaper of the Year, gives customers a printout of the maintenance schedule after completing a project, and they also include one online. Here, they list tips for mulching, edging, weeds, pruning, fertilization and pests. They also list water tips for different types of plantings.

If you offer maintenance, you can still list schedules — such as how often to prune, water, etc. — to let customers know when they need your services.

When clients understand what’s going on with their yard and how they can be involved, they become more invested — meaning they’ll need your help to make their property even better.

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