Turning an iPhone into Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid iPhone Total Landscape Care magazineDigital hearing aids connect directly to iPhone

File this one under “just plain cool.”

As the Baby Boomer Generation ages, there’s going to be even more people looking for help with hearing. (Or, for crew members who ignore safety talks and don’t wear their hearing protection.) But, they won’t have to use the squealing apparatuses of our grandparents.

Starkey and GN ReSound designed hearing aids that connect to Apple’s iPhone, according to Re/code. The hearing aids along with the TruLink app, which is free, allow the devices to connect directly to the iPhone using Bluetooth. The app also lets them adjust to the sound settings in the environment, which is especially helpful in crowded restaurants or other loud places.

Ready for the neatest part? You can even program the aid to change sound levels by customizing settings based on its GPS. By using the geotagging feature on the phone, you can program favorite spots like a movie theater or eatery. So, when you get there, the sound levels change.

An added bonus: To help even more with noisy spots, you can place the connected iPhone in front of the person you’re talking to, and the iPhone microphone picks up the conversation.

It’s exciting when a business and personal device can actually make your life better — instead of just busier.

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