Brainless Monday: Disney Landscape Facts

Walt Disney TLCI don’t know about you, but on Mondays, my goal is to just make it through the day. So, instead of a thought-provoking, deep piece about how to better your business, here are some just-plain-interesting facts about Walt Disney World Resort’s landscapes — because a little Disney makes the day brighter, right? (Plus, you can be glad you don’t have to maintain all of this property.)

  • Walt Disney Total Landscape CareNearly 12 percent of the Walt Disney World Resort property, which is about 3,000 football fields in size, is devoted to gardens and maintained landscapes. That’s 4,000 acres of lush beauty.
  • Horticulturists use 8,500 interior plants each year and add 6,000 trees to the exterior landscapes throughout the Resort. They also maintain about 4 million shrubs.
  • There are about 13,000 roses around the property. Each week, landscapers spend one day just removing spent blooms — equaling more than 400 hours a year.
  • Disney has more than 3,000 plant species from across the United States and 50 other nations on every continent except Antarctica.
  • They release 10.5 million beneficial insects each year to control plant pets.
  • The Resort has 600 horticulture professionals maintaining the grounds.


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